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Saturday, March 16, 2013

MegaCon 2013, Part 3

Another Aqua-riffic MegaCon sighting (or is it sightings?) courtesy F.O.A.M.er Tim Wallace!

BTW, the Shrine is overdue in mentioning that Tim has joined the comic book bloggers club...earlier this year he launched Kord Industries, a Blue Beetle blog! Be sure to check it out, and tell Tim the Shrine sent you!


r duncan said...

Going for the Emperor Aquaman look?

Russell said...

Just noticed that his "lackey" on the left in the photo is also in Aquaman colors. Even his shoes! :-)

Tuwanda said...

I made the Aquaman dye sublimated top for Josh.

Connor Harley said...

His costume perfectly fits him well.