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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Justice League #18 - May 2013

Comics Weekend "The Grid" by Geoff Johns and Jesus Saiz.

This issue of Justice League opens in a small suburb of Pittsburgh, where high school students Ronnie Raymond and Jason Rusch--aka Firestorm--are squabbling over grades. Their conversation is interrupted by a strange summons.

The same thing happens to Black Canary (who is in the middle of a scuffle with Copperhead), and then Zatanna. Turns out, of course, all these messages are from...the Justice League!:
Cyborg clues his fellow members in on the database he has constructed, consisting of every known superhero on Earth. Aquaman is a wee bit distracted, worrying about a supposed weapons deal that the Atlanteans are planning to stop. Batman is dubious about this whole membership drive, but Flash insists "It'll be fun."

Cut to: a day or two later, and the Justice League is throwing a mixer!
Everyone is getting to know one another, each of them with their own concerns about joining the team. Black Lightning wants to join up, but only if his partner Blue Devil can come too. Zatanna is flattered, but isn't quite ready to offer the full time commitment the team is looking for. Platinum from the Metal Men is also there, spooking everyone by repeating the same intro to each person, verbatim.

When Firestorm introduces himself, however, Platinum starts to go all squirrely, attacking the Nuclear Man and some of the others. Communicating with the Metal Men's creator Will Magnus, Cyborg comes up with a stay of stopping Platinum's rampage without destroying her. Firestorm disassembles her, and her fragile electronic brain comes spilling out. It looks like it's about to hit the floor and be smashed, until:
Later, Cyborg explains that it was he who extended an offer to the Atom for membership, and soon after she, Element Woman, and Firestorm are officially greenlighted for membership.

But all news is not good: Cyborg also reveals that during the battle with Platinum, someone hacked the JL's security systems, and downloaded all their files, leaving a message behind:
...to be continued!

I enjoyed this issue a lot, because it was so simple, and (relatively) self-contained. I'm a little sad that we're rushing headlong right into another massive crossover; I would have enjoyed another issue or two of the Justice Leaguers getting to know one another, especially with the new members coming aboard.

Aquaman doesn't get much of anything to do, other than worry about Atlantis and run around a bit. But it's good to see this soon after "Throne of Atlantis" that he definitely is still part of the team!

Of course, I missed the art team of Reis/Prado/Reis, but after their exemplary work in the last few issues, they deserved a month off and this story seemed like the perfect moment for that to happen. I guess we'll get to see them draw the full team soon enough!


Anonymous said...

What other heroes were at the "mixer"? Can we get a list?

Diabolu Frank said...

I don't have a problem with making the Atom female, but I do have a MAJOR problem with ruining the perfect symmetry of Gil Kane's costume design with stupid '90s ornamentation and long flowing hair. Yech! Also, screw Cyborg putting Atom up for membership. The Atom was one of the first extension Leaguers, and joined before Victor Stone was a glimmer in Wolfman/Perez's eyes.

Designer Daddy said...

Have there been any rumbling/rumors of Aquaman leaving the team? I just worry whenever they touch on his being torn between Atlantis and the JL — as if they're laying the ground work for him once again swimming off in a huff to be be king...

Joseph Brian Scott said...

Black Canary, Black Lightning, Blue Devil, Element Woman, Firestorm, Goldrush, Nightwing, Platinum, Vixen, and Zatanna were the recruitment tryouts. Found some nice big scans at scans_daily.

Goldrush has some funny lines.