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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

DC Covers Blanket

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This piece of DC Comics merchandise presents a bit of a mystery!

These photos were sent in by one Lincoln Cowan, who was given this blanket when he was born in 1981. He's had it ever since, and other than a 1975 copyright notice, he's never been able to find any other information about it--so he contacted the Shrine to see if we knew anything.

Looking at it, two thoughts come to mind:

1)Aquaman isn't on it, in favor of...Captain Marvel, though I guess that's understandable in this case because the Sea King never made it onto a Golden Age comic cover. You got lucky, Shazam.

2)Running classic comics covers on merchandise seems more like a modern design motif, so the fact that this came out in 1981 was genuinely surprising to me.

So, has anyone ever seen this baby before?


Anonymous said...

Wow! I would snap that up for my son in a heartbeat.

James Chatterton

Michael Holloway said...

Looks awesome! However, I would have to have Aquaman on a blanket before I would buy it. I love the other DC Comics characters too, but I would miss Aquaman.

Orin's dad said...

I agree with Michael: this is awesome, but I'd really want some Aquaman on the cover. But I understand if it's only Golden Age covers why he's not on it. Still...is way cool.

Earth 2 Chris said...

Hmm...I've seen this before. I think there is even curtains to go with it? I'll have to dig around and look, but it is from the 70s.


Anonymous said...

I saw the curtains years ago at a comic store in my area. Haven't seen them since.

Anonymous said...

I had them for curtains as a kid in my room! They were in the Eaton's or Sears catalog and I bugged my Mom to order it for me.

Also, in the 70s Tiny Tim made a suit out of this fabric and wore it on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. I remember seeing that and going "Hey!, He's wearing my curtains!" LOL!

Unknown said...

Agreed...this is awesome! thanks for the nice post.

Public Relations

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

I have one just like that! I've been trying to find out how old it was and what it was worth!

Unknown said...

I have one. ..my parents bought it for me when I was 6 years old.

Unknown said...

I have on just like it... a very cool dc collectors piece.