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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Young Justice: Invasion - "Destiny Calling"

Last week saw the release of Young Justice Invasion: Destiny Calling, a two-disc DVD release featuring ten episodes of the show plus three episodes of Batman: Brave and the Bold!

The episodes featured on the DVD, some of which the Shrine has covered previously, are: 
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As everyone knows by now, the Cartoon Network chose not to renew Young Justice for a third season, so whatever episodes are to come are going to be the last. While I personally didn't follow the show all that closely, many of you did, including Shrine Correspondent Andy Luckett, who was nice enough to do reviews of YJ episodes for us.

Warner Bros. was kind enough to send the Shrine a copy of Young Justice Invasion: Destiny Calling, and I plan to get caught up on whatever episodes I missed. I enjoyed the new Aqualad quite a bit, and was looking forward to seeing him develop further as a character and as an entry point to the larger world of Aquaman, which we got a glimpse of in other episodes (like SSN 1's "Downtime").

Warner Bros. was also kind enough to offer the Shrine another copy of the DVD which we will give away to one of you! Instead of a complex contest, we're going to make this simple: now that the show is going off the air, leave a comment about Young Justice, and you can say anything you'd like: your favorite episode, your favorite character, where you hoped the show would go in later seasons, etc. You can offer any thought about YJ you'd like, and by doing so you'll be in the running for a free copy of Young Justice Invasion: Destiny Calling! Winner chosen at random.

You must leave your comment on this post (not Twitter, not Facebook) by midnight Saturday, February 16th, with the winner revealed next week. Get typing, Young Justice fans!



Oscar Olalde said...

Lagoon Boy, no questions asked! ~ having him join as an active member (aka air time and dialogue for various episodes, even FULL episodes) was the most awesome thing ever to happen... as a fan I had little to none hope of him making it past a static background element, but this? this is why YJ hurt so much... at least two or 3 seasons more, or the animated version of the "Sins of Youth" saga (Young Justice, Todd Nauck) would've been so great.

David J. Cutler said...

It's funny how pre-new 52 this show was presented as taking place on a designated alternate earth--which one, I can no longer remember. But nowadays it presents more of a clear view of the DCU I grew up with than the actual comics do, and I'll miss it as the final product of that era. Wally West, we hardly knew ye.

Andrew Batschelet said...

I truly enjoyed watching Young Justice. Mostly I watched it 'On Demand' with my wife when we needed a DC fix. Obviously Aqualad was entertaining to watch though I wish more of the big dogs had more appearances. Nightwing, Superboy and Miss Martian were my other faves. Now lets get a current animated plain ol Justice League tv show!

Shawn said...

I really enjoyed Young Justice when I was able to watch it. I hope to catch up on ALL of the episodes via DVD. In a case like this, where I know I'm not going to be able to catch the show regularly, I prefer to just wait and watch the episodes (1 a day) on DVD.


NicGunning said...

I think my favorite episode was the one where the kids and adults were separated into two different dimensions and only Captain Marvel could go between. Also, I'm a big fan of the Batman family so it was cool to have Batgirl, Nightwing and the Time Drake Robin all together. I was never a fan of Miss Martian or Lagoon Boy.

Jason Garner said...

Aqualad was my entry-point into the show, which I grew to love for many more reasons. However, it was great to see the Aqua-family get so much screen time and respect. I've generally never been a fan of alternate reality stories or universes, but this one is a major exception.

Luke said...

Young Justice is everything I would want a superhero cartoon to be. Great action, character depth, fantastic style, great writing. I'm definitely going to miss it!

Designer Daddy said...

So sad this isn't being renewed. Is that goofy lowfi CGI Green Lantern show still gonna be on? :P

Anyhoo, of course my favorite was Aqualad. But I also thought Miss Martian, Blue Beetle and Superboy were cool. I also really liked having the JLA involved so often.

(PS: Lame that neither Aqualad nor Lagoon Boy are featured on the DVD cover. They've got 3 bat-family characters...)

Tegan said...

It was a great show that deserves to be continued.

Earth 2 Chris said...

I enjoy this show, and like David J. Cutler, appreciate the fact that it's at least a bit closer to the classic DCU than what is in the comics right now. My only complaint is that the show's storyline is too dense and hard to keep up with, especially with Cartoon Network's constant schedule shuffling.

I think one of the most surprising aspects of the show was that it really brought some of the long-suffering lesser lights of the DCU into the spotlight, particularly Mal Duncan. Good to see old Mal finally make good!


C.J. LaBranche said...

I'm not just sucking up to the Shrine, but Black Manta has been a major bada$$ this season and my favorite part of the ongoing storyline. His upgraded suit and ships would be perfect designs for a live action movie!

Joseph Brian Scott said...

YJ was a good show, with strong writing, characterization, and a flair for dialogue. I have a feeling it may have been a wee bit too convoluted to hold or grow a devoted audience, especially of the age group that probably constitues the largest share of the people watching the network at that day and time. I'll miss it.

Aqualad and Miss Martian were my faves; both had looks, power sets, back stories, and personal struggles that appealed to me and held my interest. Hope they shop up somewhere else on the teevee.

Bubbashelby said...

I was really enjoying the direction this show took jumping ahead five years and introducing new characters like Batgirl and Tim Drake into the mix. I've been enjoying the comic book too, and I bet this means it'll be ending any month now as well.

Sad to see it go!

BlUsKrEEm said...

As a Manta fan I loved YJ. He gets so little attention out of comics, it was prety great to see him reek havok in Young Justice. I have to agree with C.J. his suit was amazing in this series.

Also Lagoon Boy surprised the heck out of me. If your an aqua-fan Young justice was about as good as it gets.

Kap-El said...

Such a bummer this show is going off the Air. I really wanted to see Captain Marvel interact more with the team, and I loved the whole Aqualad traitor/spy agains the LIGHT plotline. This show has been so well done. My only qualm is that they didn't kill Lagoon Boy off. I hate that character, so, so, so much.

There is nothing to complain about, really. It's the most honest take on the younger set of DCU heroes we have seen so far, and frankly, just gets alot of them right. Maybe Artemis will show up in the new 52, along with Wally? One can hope.