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Monday, February 18, 2013

The Fire and Water Podcast, Episode 44

The official podcast of THE AQUAMAN SHRINE and FIRESTORM FAN

Episode 44 - Power Records Showcase!

While Shag is on vacation, I present two of my favorite Power Records audio adventures! First up is Aquaman and Mera in "The Defeat of the Dehydrator", followed by Shazam! in "The Mighty Dr. Illusion."

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Intro theme, "That Time is Now," by Michael Kohler. Outro music by Daniel Adams and The Bad Mamma Jammas!

Thanks for listening! Fan the Flame and Ride the Wave!


The Irredeemable Shag said...

If you listen to the ending of the Aquaman Power Record, the wave action makes it sound like Arthur and Mera are having a celebratory roll in the seaweed right in front of the defeated alien. Wow, they sure know how to flaunt their genocidal carnal urges!

The Irredeemable Shag

Diabolu Frank said...

1. Rob seemed perkier than usual without Shag, but the show is still smaller and sadder at half its hosting power. This is true of all of the “clip shows” where one of the guys merely introduces a canned segment. Shag took a trip to visit a police box, but it was Rob who phoned it in (zing!)

2. It's funny that you mention that most of the Power Records had original stories, because all the ones I got as a kid were dramatized reprints except The Amazing Adventures of Holoman. I had Spider-Man: "Mark of the Man-Wolf," Captain America and the Falcon: "A Phoenix Shall Arise," The Monster of Frankenstein, and Batman: "Robin Meets Man-Bat". I'm positive that they helped my reading skills, and I have fond memories of spinning those 45s on my little suitcase turntable between plays of Kim Carnes' "Bette Davis Eyes" and Bertie Higgins' "Key Largo."

3. I didn’t think Aquaman’s telepathy was so heavily played up in the Bronze Age, but that’s the only explanation I can think of for how he uncovered the entire alien plot through the power of presumption.

4. The planet “Ex-a-doom?” I think I dated a few chicks from there. Sucked me dry, too.

5. This is readymade Seanbaby material. Aquaman having an aquatic adventure in the ocean involving aliens above the surface hijacking the sea and threatening all life on Earth = call the Justice League, fishboy.

6. Oh, it’s “Ex-a-dome?” I’ve missed a few ex’s domes as well.

7. Aquaman and Mera have all the power of… a bunch of squid? Not to mention the same utter lack of regard for genocidal consequences as the Dehydrator? With an ending like that, I’d have to guess that the role of Aquaman was played by one Charlton Heston.

8. Given his grudge against Captain Marvel, Rob was magnanimous in his inclusion here, especially since the Shazam story is WAY better.

9. You know that thing they do in animation where they cast female actors to voice young boys? That didn’t work here.

10. It’s funny how effective swapping around the name of a T-Rex to Rex Tyrannous is in creating a villain appropriate for Axe Cop or some such.

11. Maybe it’s just all that Gallifrey talk, but Sivana sounded an awful lot like a Dalek.

Earth 2 Chris said...

"Robin Meets Man-Bat" was an original story. In fact, I think all the DC Power Records were original, but many of the Marvels were reprints/adaptations.


Unknown said...

Finished the whole show on the way to work. Brought back some memories...as a kid I inherited a few of these from my cousin (Batman, GI Joe, and Star Trek...I wonder if I still have them tucked away somewhere...)Hope to hear more of these in the future...or maybe I'll just slack of at work for a bit and go check out Rob's Power Records blog?

Diabolu Frank said...

Obviously news to me, Earth 2 Chris! Neal Adams really outdid himself on that Man-Bat origin, and it was the first time I'd ever seen the sort of advanced coloring techniques that eventually became standard. It's a good thing they put it into one of DC's hardcover dedications to the artist. Mike Ploog's Frankenstein art was very memorable, as well.

Maxo said...

Great stuff, Rob - and that Captain Marvel adventure was pretty wonderful. The voice acting seemed perfect to me.

But, jeez, what the hell, Aquaman?

"You've defeated me! And now, my planet and everyone on it will die a slow and horrible death."