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Monday, February 11, 2013

The Fire and Water Podcast, Episode 43

The official podcast of THE AQUAMAN SHRINE and FIRESTORM FAN

Episode 43 - Firestorm Cancellation and Listener Feedback!

DC Comics recently announced the cancellation in May of THE FURY OF FIRESTORM: THE NUCLEAR MAN. This episode Shag and I discuss Firestorm's cancellation, the "What do you like about Firestorm?" contest, Aquaman's status in the upcoming JLA movie, and a massive dose of Listener Feedback!

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Diabolu Frank said...

1. So, uh, look Rob. I don't mean to seem insensative in this time of grief or nothin', but times is tough, and you gotta t'ink about the future of your podcast. We'll all grieve for Shag and Firestorm I guess, but you gotta move on before that cold body robs you of your own warmth. Now see, there's a second Justice League of America title that you wasn't plannin' on buying or reading, and there's a whole bunch of characters there that, to be Frank, are a lot more hep than a Nooclear Man. Also, I figure you need to expand your demographic with a real up n' coming name in the DC New 52. So how about as your new broadcasting partner, we reteam Aquaman with Vibe for "The Water & [Racially Insensative Derogatory] Podcast?" It would be so chill, yo!

2. Just to punch a hole in Shag's crybaby routine, my crappy days have involved dealing with actual dead people, and the star of my character-centric blog hasn't progressed past Volume One in ever. Plus, the creative team that killed Firestorm's more successful volume were at the helm of Martian Manhunter's sole series, so thanks for that John & Tom. You want more? Firestorm's first volume was canceled after a half dozen issues in the DC Implosion, while Martian Manhunter saw his lousy back-up strip aborted before even one page was ever written or drawn! You know, the sort of back-up strip Firestorm later used as a stepping stone to another volume within a few years? J'Onn is just now getting another back-up opportunity about three-amd-a-half decades after the previous one was planned. Man-up, mister!

3. Is Dan Jurgens the new Christopher Priest? Another parallel: Jurgens wrote the Martian Manhunter out of Justice League International in favor of his leading the never very well liked Task Force that was written to its own death by Christopher Priest. I could go on all day about how much more it sucks to favor the Alien Atlas over Matchhead (excepting his having no nicknames as stupid as "Matchhead.")

4. I keep trying to write a post about Martian Manhunter's exclusion from the JLA movie script, but I can't get past all my other misgivings with Warner Brothers' sorry handling of DC properties to reach that point. For frigs' sake, the Avengers' Joss Whedon wrote a Wonder Woman script that he was set to direct, and Joel Silver torpedoed it! I'd love to see a League movie fail with only the most overexposed characters starring.

5. I'm just not that into Cobie Smulders. Not even Scarlett Johansson, all that much. I always wished Ghost World had launched Thora Birch and Milla Jovovich had played Black Widow. Whedon got a good performance out of Scarlett, though. Maria Hill was easily the worst character in that movie.

Diabolu Frank said...

6. Batman is like Spider-Man in that he has so many more villains than most other heroes, the percentages of VILLAINS and morts rise proportionately. Spider-Man has had so many good villains, multiple teams of second tier guys most heroes would envy as top rogues had to form rock-style super-groups to be taken seriously again (Sinister Six; Deadly Foes.) Well, I doubt Firestorm feels envy, since his entire rogues gallery ends below that second tier, more comperable to Tarantula, Rocket Racer, the Kangeroo and White Rabbit. Aquaman, on the other hand, remains Chris Brown to Black Manta and Ocean Master's Rhianna. They just keep coming back for more, and no one remembers any names outside their tainted love fest. By the way, the Penguin is pretty awesome when handled correctly (as in, the Golden Age.)

7. Tee-hee! I made Shag curse... more & worser, anyway.

8. I got a good laugh at your good laugh at my drunken commentary. Shame that it now seems I've peaked, although I am investigating injecting trolling-enhancing drugs directly into my scrotum in anticipation of the Tour de Sobbery that will be THE FURY OF FIRESTORM: THE NUCLEAR MAN #20.

9. No one jumped in with any Marshal Law love when I mentioned it. Are you boys a bunch of San Futuro virgins? The 480 hardcover collection of the best material is coming at the end of April from DC at $49.95, and no serious comic collection is complete without these stories.

10. If I'm in the F&W supporting cast, I'd say that I'm much more of a Henry Peter Gyrich than a Jarvis.

11. Better late than never.

Sean Koury said...

Haha There he is! Glad to see I managed to Unlock Diabolu-mode! :)

Diabolu Frank said...

Jesus Christ-- The Aquaman Shrine is the Google+ of F&WP comment threads. Sean is like my Wilson the volleyball over here. WILSON! Noooo-ho-ho...