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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Justice League of America #1 - April 2013

"World's Most Dangerous" by Geoff Johns and David Finch

The Justice League has been somewhat of a mixed bag in the New 52. The original title, although clearly a top-seller with marquee names Johns and Lee at the helm, started off with a six issue written-for-trade origin story and then floundered  in terms of story, art and direction until the recent advent of Throne of Atlantis in #15. JLA #1 picks up in the aftermath of the destruction wrought by Aquaman's brother Ocean Master, with Amanda Waller and Nick Fu--I mean, Steve Trevor forming a reluctant alliance to put together a team of counter-operatives for y'know, just in case the real League ever goes bad...

Waller is as now svelte as Trevor is buff and the issue progresses with some very interesting choices for the initial membership of the team including...

Martian Manhunter and a few others...

(handy-dandy guide to the eventual JL vs. JLA smackdown)
Its a motley crew of characters cherry-picked by Johns (Stargirl, Simon Baz) and  Dan Didio (Katana) as well as a hodge-podge of under-performing DC solo title stars whose own books are in desperate need of a sales pick-me-up (Catwoman, Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter--plucked as if he was never there from Stormwatch and Hawkman -- oh wait, too late--RIP Savage Hawktitle). Vibe is a wild card in the bunch and for more on Cisco (wait, wasn't it Paco?) Ramon you can check out Vibe #1, also out this week.

Suffice to say, this issue is all set up, the team never actually meets and we're teased with the sub-plot of the Secret Society of Super-Villians reforming under new and mysterious leadership but all-in-all the book moves light years faster than its counterpart title did in its inaugural issue. JLA #1 has a flair reminiscent of Johns' acclaimed Justice Society of America run and while the book is not without potential, I remain skeptical of the need to have two League titles by the same writer.


Russell said...

I picked this up at the store, thumbed through it, and put it back. A group of heroes (?) whose initial reason to exist is to take down the other JLA if something happens....? I don't want to live in a world where Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and The Flash are not trusted. Epic fail.

r duncan said...

I got one for the State of Ohio flag, if nothing else.

Kap-El said...

Great issue, great article, minus the Nick Fury crack. (Sam Jackson or Hasselhoff, my money is one TREVOR)

Proud to own the Wisconsin Variant. Looks like a great book, I'm excited to read more. As fr as the public not trusting the League, I think that America does, but 1/3 of Amanda Waller does not... (Seriously, where is the rest of her?).

Also, It's a pipedream that Supes couldn't take out Manhunter, or that Aquaman would have troubl;e taking down Hawkman HARD. (Sorry Frank and Luke).

Cousin Barnabas said...

When I first saw this, I assumed DC was rebooting Justice League AGAIN ... but they're launching another series with the same title (more or less)? Are they actively trying to confuse people?