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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

INJUSTICE: Battle Arena Aquaman vs. Cyborg

Aquaman made a huge mainstream splash last week when he was confirmed for the highly anticipated INJUSTICE: Gods Among Us game and this week he faces off against Cyborg in the battle arena! Only one hero will emerge victorious and move on in the tourney. You can vote for the Sea King here and the winner will be announced on the game's site Friday.

Its interesting to watch some of the game footage and see just how similar some of the scenes are to the current Throne of Atlantis story arc, even down to Aquaman using his trident like the Dead King's scepter to call forth tidal waves...Talk about cross-platform synerygy , eh, Mr. Johns?



Designer Daddy said...

From the latest trailer, it looks like it's a bit similar to Marvel's Civil War, except there are also villains working alongside each team of heroes. Or maybe I'm just old and confused. Either way, that premise would make for an interesting mini-series!

Michael Holloway said...

Aquaman looks HOT in this game and I hope this look will be adapted for any future Aquaman movies/TV series, and I know other fans have said this too.

Cheers, Michael

Earth 2 Chris said...

Aquaman's look isn't bad, but some of the other new costume redesigns are truly hideous (Batman for instance). Not sure why WB continues to dilute their brands by allowing every artist under the sun to redesign their icons on a whim. Seems like bad marketing to me.