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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Aquaman Official for INJUSTICE

Although this news has already been "leaked" by NetherRealm Senior Producer Adam Urbano and Aquaman writer Geoff Johns, the makers of Mortal Kombat officially confirmed today that Aquaman will be a playable character in INJUSTICE: Gods Among Us! So what do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below!

UPDATE: The INJUSTICE Team has reached out to the Shrine asking us to send them our viewers top characters picks for Aquaman to face-off against in the game! Name as many as you want in the comments and we will tabulate the top five and send them over.


Ryan said...

F*** YES!!!!!!
Pre-ordered today, just wanted to be sure Arthur was def in Injustice.

Designer Daddy said...

I'm not a gamer. At all. But I'd consider starting, just to play this.

Flash got eaten by a shark! :)

Pun Isaac said...

I was thinking about getting the game but this announcement make my purchase of the game a definite yes.

Anonymous said...

This video and the fight where AQ looked awesome against the Trinity in JL 15 are how he should be perceived by everyone. Aquaman is one of the most unique, powerful and important heroes in the DCU he looks awesome here. Hope the haters recognize when they are 100% wrong.

Joe Slab said...

Some notes:

rob! Finally Aquaman get revenge against SHAZAM. Plus, he's a part of the BATB-esque hero resistance alongside of Batman to boot!

In this video, Arthur is wearing an alternate skin. Other skins will include a more iconic New 52 version as well as a Blackest Night skin.

Poor the Flash -- he's shark food now LOL.

Joe Slab

Anonymous said...

Well Aquaman vs Green Arrow of course. These two have a long love/hate relationship lol.

Andrew Batschelet said...

Hell yes! Have been waiting every day since like June for this news. Absolutely awesome.

I would like to see one of the following.

1. Aquaman vs. Batman
2. Aquaman vs. Green Arrow
3. Aquaman vs. Cyborg

Andrew Batschelet said...

Also wanted to say I hope the New 52 skin is available! That'd put it over the edge. Does anyone think Mera or Black Manta could make the game? Anyone else being added would just be a dream I think lol.

Airship Over Water said...

Batman. Batman. Batman. Batman. Batman. Batman.

THE "go-to" guy for sideline comic fans is Batman. "He can beat anyone and he doesn't even have any powers! Superman is lame! Aquaman is lame! Batman is cool because he's dark!"

I love Batman too, but I would love to share with the world, "Watch your precious Dark Knight get eaten by a shark -- only before being throne around in the royal palace of Atlantis by Aquaman."

Marcial said...

Aquaman vs Cyborg,Shazam,Flash,Nightwing,Batman

Michael Holloway said...

I was already going to get this game, being a DC Comics/game fan, but knowing Aquaman is in it makes me desperately want this game even more now!

I would like to see Aquaman battle the following:

1. Black Manta
2. Killer Frost
3. Ocean Master
4. Mister Freeze
5. Shining Knight

Cheers, Michael

Gaz said...

I would love to see AQ fight:

2 Black Manta
3 Ocean Master

BlUsKrEEm said...

1) Black Manta (seriously if they have Aquaman and not Manta I'll be sad.)
2) Booster Gold (I would love to see their take on him in this universe.)
3) Grod (Oh please let me play Grod!)
4) Mera (I don't aprove of spousal abuse,bur I want to play Mera)
5) Wonder Woman (Because it's bound to happen.)
6) Cyborg (Battle of the B-listers!)

Andy Luckett said...

I'd like to see Aquaman battle:

1) Black Manta
2) Ocean Master
3) Green Arrow
4) Hawkman
5) Swamp Thing
6) Firestorm
7) Green Lantern

aqua buckeye said...

i will second the female noms for killer frost,wonder woman & mera.i would also like to request more girls in these products= aquagirl tula,giganta,golden glider,hyathis,little mermaid,female marine marauder,queen bee zazzala,star sapphire carol ferris,undine and the vixen.for a male foe i would enjoy the fisherman being used for a change.

Anonymous said...

Sorry folks, most of those characters aren't in the game. Fighting games always seem like a pretty terrible way to bring superheroes into games, as they flatten out the power levels so that anyone can beat anyone. It disturbs my sense of order to see Nightwing beat up Superman. Games like MUA are a better vehicle, and of course, Freedom Force is the greatest superhero game of all time.

Anyway, I am glad to see Aquaman included in the game, and even on the right side, too. I'd like to see him fight Manta as well, but since it doesn't seem he's part of the roster, I suppose I'd like to see Arthur trounce:
1) Solomon Grundy
2) Deathstroke
3) Superman

In terms of a wishlist of characters, folks have hit it pretty well already. I'd love to see the entire Satellite Era League and the classic Injustice Gang/Secret Society. It won't happen, but nonetheless, I'd like to see it. I'd really love to see Hawkman and the Atom, but sadly neither one of them will make the cut.