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Monday, January 28, 2013

Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe, Volume VII

sgThe Fire and Water Podcast Presents: WHO'S WHO: THE DEFINITIVE PODCAST OF THE DC UNIVERSE, Volume VII

This time around we chat about WHO'S WHO: Volume VII, discussing characters such as Elongated Man, Easy Company, Dolphin, Duo Damsel, Eclipso, El Diablo, and many more! We wrap up the show with Who's Who Listener Feedback!

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Earth 2 Chris said...

Great show guys, for a fairly lackluster issue too. The Easy Co. and Dolphin were easily the standouts here, and I'm not a huge fan of either, but hey, when it's good, it's good. A few comments:

-Superman II is the Superman of Earth One, not Earth Prime. C'mon Shag!!!

-Celsius' fake marriage to the Chief was discussed in the 2nd Doom Patrol series, and the Who's Who updates reflecting that series

-That Elongated Man mini-series was drawn by Mike Pareobeck.

-Mark Texaria had previously drawn several of the Masters of the Universe mini-comics included with the toys and at that time produced by DC.

-Jimmy Olsen should have had an entry under his own name, and NOT as Elastic Lad, IMHO. It undermined Jimmy's importance to the DCU by showcasing him in this particular outfit. Why not just put him in as Flamebird? He's a much cool character there.

-The Just'a Lotta Animals were on Earth C-Minus, the Zoo Crew was on Earth C proper.

_Shag...GREAT Darkseid voice!!! It gave me chills!


Orin's dad said...

Another great show. Like E2C said, it was a fairly lackluster issue with no true stars, but you guys did a great job with it!

I have a few thoughts to add as well:
-Dolphin...wow...that's just hot.
-Great full page spread on the Doom Patrol, Loved seeing the Brotherhood of Evil in the surprint.
-Dragon King reminds me of Cobra on GI Joe. lol I imagine him hissing a lot when he talkes and orders his troops to kill the Joes, I mean All-Stars.
-Love the pic of Dreamy with Star Boy, but the main pic just doesn't do it for me. She's ok and all, but not the hottest woman of the 30th century like she's supposed to be...
-Duke of Deceptions occupation is Warmonger. How do you get that job title? Is there a Master's program for that?
-Duo Damsel was in my mind the best Legion entry and one of the best of the issue. Just a really good piece of art for her.
-Put Elastic Lad away with the other crap entries and never speak of them again (I refuse to name them but we all know who they are)
-Never was much of an Eclipso fan. He just never resonated with me.
-Elasti-Girl could grow parts of her body as well as the whole thing. She could grow her arm or hand huge to reach something without enlarging her whole body. Was a really wacky power for the 60's. lol
-Elu: just can't get enough of Shawn McManus' art...diggin' the Psion in the background. Omega Men rock. Shag, you really need to read that series.
-Love the bit about how the Fadeaway Man has El Dorado's cloak. That was classic.
-E2C: Agreed, Shag's Darkseid voice was awesome.

Until Lil' Russell Burbage gets a permanent hometown and Frank can sumamrize his thoughts in 4 bullets or less, make mine Fire & Water!


Shawn said...

The main Duo Damsel on the left (in the all orange suit) always reminded me of Emma Peel of the Avengers.

Shawn M. Myers

Orin's dad said...

@Kryptonkylie - you're absolutely right! Very Emma Peel/Diana Rigg look to her. No wonder I liked that as one of my favorite pages of the issue. Great catch! :-)


Russell said...

I agree with everybody here that Easy Company, Dolphin, and Duo Damsel were the best entries, no question. I did like Fastback, too. Scott Shaw! was just plain awesome, exclamation point.
I also enjoyed hearing about the story of Elongated Man's new costume. It was always one of my favorites, so it was nice to know.

My first thought when I saw Duo Damsel was that it was drawn by Mike Sekowsky. To me she has a very All-New All-Different Diana Prince vibe going on.

So...DID the Earth-2 Dr. Psycho wear gloves, or didn't he? ;-)

Your Pal,
Little Russell Burbage
Kansas City, Kansas

Siskoid said...

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