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Saturday, January 05, 2013

Splash Page Saturday: Brave and the Bold #142

We tend to run lots of Jim Aparo on Splash Page Saturday--but we can't help it, the man was so dang good at them!

This is from Brave and the Bold #142, Aquaman's final team-up with Batman in the series. How could you not read the following story after a grabber of an opener like this?


Richard said...

I care not!

Russell said...

^ :-)

I find it very odd that I liked Bob Haney's Aquaman, his Teen Titans, and his Batman, but whenever any of these circles over-lapped, the stories were terrible~! The Aquaman-Batman B&B team-ups are awful. The characterizations were especially bad, but plots and dialogue also. Would Aquaman EVER say "I care not" or "Shoot, Mera, I command you!" in the pages of his own book!? NO!! Likewise the Batman-Teen Titans stories are just BAD (Cry Not For My Forsaken Son, anyone?). I don't understand why it is; maybe the two poles of goodness cancel each other out?

Of course, the Jim Aparo (or Neal Adams) art makes even the drek *look* great, but still... It is A Puzzlement.

Kryschenn said...

Well, I have to say that this panel clearly negates Mera's statement in "Blackest Night Part 2" that Arthur never demanded anything from her in that tone of voice.

I have no idea why that's the first thing that popped into my head.

Earth 2 Chris said...

I loved Haney's stuff, but man, I don't think the man ever read any other comics. I'm surprised Paul Levitz (as editor) let a lot of this out-of-character dialog stand.

But could the man plot or what!?! You get enough plot in one issue to fill a 6-issue TPB nowadays.


Andy Luckett said...

Story content aside; the movement, action, and emotion conveyed by Aparo in this image is seriously impressive. Of course, for him that was just par for the course.

Joseph Brian Scott said...

I was really excited that Mera got a moment or two in a B&B story.

The coloring is really rich and well-done here, too.