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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Megozine #1

This is the cover to Megozine #1, the official magazine for the all-encompassing Mego Musuem website, which has been the spot for Mego love on the web for almost as long as the internet has existed.

For it's inaugural outing, the Megozine folks are using their army of dolls (sorry, "action figures") to recreate the cover to the classic Superman vs. Muhammad Ali treasury edition:
As you can see, Aquaman didn't get a very good seat for the Fight of the Century. But the MegoMuseum was a lot kinder, putting him at ringside, next to who is arguably the most famous Mego ever, Spider-Man! Only fitting, considering the Sea King was one of the original World's Greatest Super-Heroes. I wonder how much money Arthur had on the fight, and whom did he bet on?

You can order a copy of Megozine here. And tell them The Aquaman Shrine sent ya!


Earth 2 Chris said...

Hey Rob, Aquaman makes another appearance in the two-page comic segment in the center of the book. Oh, and he brought a friend with him!



rob! said...


Yes I saw that (I bought a copy). But my scanner is going all wonky on me right now so I couldn't scan that part in! :(

Andy Luckett said...

This is too cool. Props to The Mego Museum for improving Aquaman's seat!