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Thursday, January 24, 2013

DC Superhero Shop Open For Business!

Unfortunately, this is not a real store--it's a still from a catalog put together by the LCA, the Licensing Corporation of America. The four-page catalog featured all the top licensors of the time, which is why you see so much Mego stuff on display.

There isn't much Aquaman to be found here, but you can see him a little bit--there's a Mego on the top shelf of the glass case, and on the desk you can see a partially-obscured Super Friends Paint by Numbers kit, which featured the Sea King prominently. Doesn't really matter though--if this store did exist at the time, my parents never would have been able to pry me out of there!

(See if you can guess which site we took this image from)


Earth 2 Chris said...

The jointed Wonder Woman is less...provocative than the actual product in package. That thing is just...wrong. And my wife has one in her WW collection!

The clerk/owner looks like the type of guy who wouldn't know Superman from Aquaman, and would therefore infuriate every child or geek who entered.


Russell said...

Reminds me of The Hero Store that was in malls in Denver and New York, which advertised in all DC comics in the late 70s. I went there once, and was in Heaven.