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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

DC Super Heroes Postcard Book

This is the cover to the 1981 DC Super Heroes Postcard Book which, as it says right there, features "28 Terrific Postcards" that are "Fun to Give and Receive!"

I own the Aquaman postcard that was part of this book, but I never knew where it came from or that it was part of a larger product. Luckily Shrine Correspondent Russell Burbage found the book at an antique store and was kind enough to scan some of the pages. Dig this crazy intro page! 
I know it's kinda undignified, but do I love that shot of Aquaman holding some letters. I love it so.

Here are some of the postcards that you got with the book:
DC tried so hard to be flip and loose like Marvel was, but even when I was a kid I couldn't help but sense a distinct layer of flop sweat in their efforts, like when your Dad tried to be hip. Most of the sentiments here are sweet and straightforward, while some are just confusing ("Give me a break"?). Nevertheless, a lot of the art used is just terrific (Infantino! Schaffenberger! Giordano!) and I would have been thrilled to get cards like this, if only I had had any friends as a child.

Thanks for reminding me of a painful childhood memory Russell!


Anthony said...

Nice postcards! But they didn't have any other artwork for the Flash besides, erm, his *first appearance* in "Showcase" #4 (great as it is)? :-p

Earth 2 Chris said...

^They had the Murphy Anderson running forward with his head down pose, that was used on the Flash Pepsi glass and other places, but that was about it.

I miss the pre-style guide days when DC would just pull artwork from whatever source they could find. As much as I love JLGL, I've grown somewhat numb to the same 1982 pieces over and over again.