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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Splash Page Saturday: Justice League of America #193

As an Aquaman fan growing up, I couldn't have asked for a more exciting splash page than this one from Justice League of America #193, which was Part Two of the "Tornado Tyrant" storyline!

The previous issue ended with Red Tornado in the clutches of his creator, T.O. Morrow, and the JLA had fanned out to try and find him. It's Aquaman who does, and here he is, sneaking onto the deck outside Morrow's house, ready to take action.

Aquaman rarely gets to be dark or spooky--his fanciful setting and bright colors just don't lend themselves to the Sea King coming across like Batman, but here George Perez and inker John Beatty really pull it off: Aquaman looks kinda creepy and menacing, and I remember loving this page as a kid. Still do.


Gernot said...

I remember this story. I also thought Aquaman's sequence was well-drawn, but I WAS disappointed at how quickly the Sea King was taken out of action in the story.

Unfortunately, he spent the rest of this issue in the JLA's sick-bay, and didn't do much else this issue.

I liked his involvement in the Construct's first appearance better, even if he WAS the first JLAer taken out of action there, too. He did more there, at least. :)

Andy Luckett said...

With the narration, the page almost has the feel of an early Wein/Wrightson Swamp Thing issue. Great stuff.

Randy Meyer said...

The panels of him crashing through the window a page or two later is just as awesome as this splash page.

Russell said...

This is a truly bittersweet memory for me. This issue started out SO great (this splash (haha) page, then his dramatic appearance on the next page) but then degenerated into his near death and callous treatment by Firestorm!?!
This was the issue that cemented my hatred of/for the Original Firestorm. "He's gotta be dead" says the kid. WHO says shite like this?? If you are a cop or whatever do you EVER say this about a fellow officer? Hell no! He didn't even deserve to be in the Teen Titans, let alone the JLA. My hatred of FS was balanced out by increased respect for Barry Allen for putting him in his place. From this issue on, I just *knew* that Firestorm didn't belong with the big guns. Sorry, Shag!! :-(