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Saturday, December 01, 2012

Justice League #14 - Jan. 2013

Comics Weekend "The Secret of the Cheetah Chapter Two" by Geoff Johns, and Tony S. Daniel.

When we left last issue, Super-Cheetah was about to tear into his Justice League pals. This issue opens with the Cat of Steel blasting them with his heat vision, and then slamming Wonder Woman into a tree. His rampage is stopped by the sight of a spear, having been thrown by

Aquaman has a plan! Outrageous!

The Flash catches up with The Cheetah, and she rips into him, giving her the time to escape. Wonder Woman finds him, and says that Aquaman wants to lead the Cheetah eastward.

While Batman attends to Superman (and learns how Barbara Minerva became The Cheetah), Wonder Woman and Flash keep the fight to their spotted foe, ending with The Cheetah and Wonder Woman on the edge of a cliff. Which ends with Diana promptly tossing The Cheetah of it:
...aww yeah, Aquaman and His Pirana Pals!

Cut to a short time later, and The Cheetah is locked up in one of those high-tech security cells that she'll break out of the next time a writer wants to use her. Minerva taunts Wonder Woman over the fact that it's Minerva whos is the "bad" one, not The Cheetah.

Wonder Woman walks out, and we see that this might be what The Cheetah wanted all along: she starts talking to someone, ending with "Just tell me when Black Manta arrives." Hoo-boy!

After a meeting at the satellite, Superman and Wonder Woman take a trip to Smallville, which ends with them smooching in a cornfield. It's a quiet moment just between the two of them...or is it?:
...major, er, league creepy, Bats! Next up: The Throne of Atlantis!

After over half a year of Aquaman pretty much just standing around, it was cool he got something to do this time, even if it was just to stand (swim) there and look awesome. Which he did. Of course, all this will change next issue, when the Sea King takes center stage--in just three short weeks!


Jorge PR said...

Hmmm... must say I was a little disappointed as I expected Aquaman to have a bigger role after he said he had a plan; at least they gave him the plan-hatch this time. Can't wait for the next issue and his great revelation.

And no! Diana and Clark can't kiss! It's well-known Arthur is attracted to her. I even used to think that when I watched the Super Friends as a kid. And they are both royal. I know Mera is going to show up soon, but still, they could have given us some Arthur-Diana action while she comes in.

BBNETMAN said...

In the art with Aquaman holding Cheetah all I could think was "Here kitty kitty"

BlUsKrEEm said...

I really wish they had shown the scene where Aquaman had to explain his plan.

"OK, here's the plan; I do something."

It was a fun story and I love that Aquaman saving the day, but it might as well have been WW suggesting that they punch the villain or Bats suggesting brooding an looking scary.