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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Aurora Mera Model

F.O.A.M.er Mac Schafer and his family--who are Swiss Family Robinson-esque in their imagination and creativity--transformed the classic 1960s Aurora Wonder Woman model into something more appropriate, Mera, Queen of the Seven Seas!

Considering who Diana is fighting in this kit--an angry octopus--it only makes sense that she would be reworked as Mera. The Sea King was pretty big during the time of the Aurora sets; it's a little surprising that they never did an Aquaman and/or Mera model kit.

I could never make models as a kid--I was just too impatient to put them together properly--but Aurora had produced a Mera one, maybe I would have found the inner character to complete it.

Nice job and thanks Schafer Family! 


Orin's dad said...

Very cool! Well done!

Joseph Brian Scott said...

Yeah, this idea was a natural! Neat job.