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Monday, December 31, 2012

2013: The Year of Siggy?

As 2012 winds to a close, all us Aqua-Fans have reason to be optimistic. The Sea King had what is unarguably his greatest year in decades, and both creatively and financially, there's no reason to think 2013 won't be even better!

But one glaring omission to the Aqua-Family remains in the New 52: namely, Siggy the Seahorse, who delighted the comics-reading world in his debut, Adventure Comics #466. Unfortunately, we haven't seen him at all in the new DCU, so I thought it would be appropriate--nay, essential--to try and remind The Powers That Be that Siggy is just floating out there, in some dusty old DC legal document, waiting to be rediscovered.

So to help get the ball rolling, the Shrine has decided to post panels from every single Siggy adventure, which will hopefully prove to a new generation of fans that he is ready for the Big Show. Look upon my works, ye mighty, and rejoice:

I asked Siggy's creator, Bob Rozakis, for his thoughts about bringing the Sensational Seahorse back. He was on board, but had a slightly different take on the whole thing:

"I think before there can be a petition for DC to have me bring back Siggy, someone needs to petition to DC to bring back ME!" What can we say--the Shrine agrees!

Thanks everyone, and we'll you see you all--and hopefully Siggy--in 2013!

End notes:
1-Adventure Comics #466

2-Adventure Comics #466
3-Adventure Comics #466

4-Adventure Comics #466

5-Adventure Comics #466

6-Adventure Comics #466

7-Adventure Comics #466


Aaron said...

I'm on board for Siggy, as long as he is accompanied by Storm, Imp, Topo and Quisp. No Tusky, though.

Wings1295 said...

Here's to more Siggy and more amazing Aqua-content here! Thanks to you and all who help make this site a daily bright spot!

Joe Slab said...


I'm pretty sure I saw Siggy in Justice League #15 LOL. He's all grown-up and is one of the elite war-seahorses in the Atlantean Royal Guard!!!

Joe Slab

Joe Slab said...


I'm pretty sure I saw Siggy in Justice League #15 LOL. He's all grown-up and is one of the elite war-seahorses in the Atlantean Royal Guard!!!

Joe Slab

Russell said...

I sort of agree with both the Ghost and Bob Rozakis....bring back Bob, Siggy, Storm, Imp, Topo, AND Tusky and Aqualad....but no Quisp! Other-dimensional imps have no place in today's comics.

Plus I echo Joe's comments....thanks for making this such a fun daily dose of cool geekiness, everyone!!

Shawn said...

As much fun as you think this would be trust me - in the new 52 he would come back as a murderous, conniving, hate filled character. UGH!

Anthony said...

So giant-seahorses are OK, but *not* extradimensional imps? ;-)

And while I say bring them all back, I'd have to agree with Shawn, given the New 52's completely nasty tone...

r duncan said...

This post is exactly four months and 2 days too early.

Russell said...

I think Rick was suggesting this for an April Fools post? maybe?

Poor Siggy....as a sea-horse he should have appeared in 2012, because in Asia sea-horses are called "dragon children who fell to the sea." And since 2012 was The Year of The Dragon, that's when he should have made his reappearance. Now he has to wait another 12 years.

rob! said...

But four months and two days would be May 2, so...???

Joseph Brian Scott said...

He wasn't a bad egg, for a Nazi.

Shellhead said...

Screw Siggy.
I want to see Aqualad, Aquagirl, Topo, Storm, Imp, Fisherman, and Scavenger!

Andy Luckett said...

I don't mind seeing Siggy again, as long as he isn't too goofy. And hey, Geoff Johns loves making older obscure characters work, so....

Siggy's place in Aqua-lore kind of reminds me of Hal Jordan/GL's old pet alien Itty (I think that was his name).