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Monday, November 19, 2012

Who's Who: The Definitive Podcast of the DC Universe, Volume V

sgThe Fire and Water Podcast Presents: WHO'S WHO: THE DEFINITIVE PODCAST OF THE DC UNIVERSE, Volume V

This time around we chat about WHO'S WHO: Volume V, discussing characters such as Cyborg, Clayface I-III, Commander Steel, Cosmic Boy, Killer Croc, Crime Syndicate, and many more! We wrap up the show with Who's Who Listener Feedback!

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Wings1295 said...

Can't wait!

Sphinx Magoo said...

Listening to the episode now, and it's a lot of fun (as always!).

One quick note for David Clinton Chronos: I looked online to remind myself of what the image looked like, but David Clinton's facial appearance is altered and hidden a bit. Anyway, when David Clinton's face was first revealed in the original Atom story, he bore an uncanny resemblance to then-future President Richard Nixon!

Also, one more note. This one on Composite Superman. I love Composite Superman. He's such a goofy character, such a ridiculous appearance, but I think he's great. Even though Amazo appeared first, Composite Superman was one of those all-in-one villains that featured the powers of all the characters of a superhero team.

The Toyroom said...

Another great episode guys!

A couple notes....

Cinnamon- I think her profile was also bumped at the time by an appearance with other DC western heroes in "Crisis On Infinite Earths" (#3 if I recall)

Circe- In regards to Don Heck's art...Yeah I was never fond of his DC super-hero artwork either. When he started drawing The Flash (after Irv Novick I believe) is when I dropped the book.

Colonel Computron- I'm surprised he never teamed up with Bug and Byte to battle The Flash and Firestorm...

Color Kid- What justifies Color Kid a full page when his fellow Sub Chlorophyll Kid had a half-page? LOL. Talk about space-filler...

Composite Superman- Consider me a fan. The bizarre reason why he has powers of the LSH is the LSH used a machine to create mini statues of themselves and somehow they ended up endowing the statues with a fraction of their actual superpowers. Mix with lightning and chaos ensues...

Congo Bill/Congorilla- In addition to co-starring in
"Action Comics", Congo Bill (inspired by Frank Buck) also had his own series in 50s (briefly) and was one of the few characters of National to star in his own movie serial in the 40s (Superman, Batman and Hop Harrigan being the others).

Cosmic Boy- What? No mention of his strange 70s
costume which showed as much skin as Saturn Girl's?

Crazy Quilt- He wasn't color blind (that's actually Flash foe The Rainbow Raider) but just blind. The weird color helmet allows him to see.

The Creeper- In regards to Ditko's "Who's Who" work...Of the top of my head I know he did The Question and his version of Starman and maybe one or two more. But it was probably like pulling teeth so maybe that's why he did so little. Or perhaps DC initially was afraid to approach him for the earlier listings like Captain Atom and the Creeper but later on toward the other end of the alphabet got word that Ditko was open to doing some art?

Earth 2 Chris said...

Hey guys, thanks for the Yellow Dot award! I'm very honored!

I'm a bit late on commenting this time, and all I have to add is on Colonel Future. He was created as an homage to classic sci-fi/comic author Edmond Hamilton, and even shares his name. Hamilton created the pulp hero Captain Future, and also wrote for DC for years, creating many memorable stories and characters...including the Composite Superman! In post-Crisis continuity, Superman supporting character Professor Emil Hamilton was created in homage to the author.


Sphinx Magoo said...

If I may, I'd like to add more comments about the much-maligned Calculator and Calendar Man...

Imagine if you will, Batman in the late 70's. Art-wise, Batman was in a comfortable place. Neal Adams was no longer doing new stories. Irv Novick was the main artist on many of the stories, with maybe an occasional fill-in by Jose Garcia-Lopez. Jim Aparo was on Brave and the Bold but that series was in its own little world...

Now, in the case of Calendar Man, that issue of Detective Comics where CM ison the cover... That was the first time I found out about Marshall Rogers. Yes, THAT Marshall Rogers. His art was dynamic and very design-y and such a change from Novick's style that my young head exploded. When I saw his work on the famous Englehart run, I already knew him from that work on that Calculator story. His take on the Calculator was fun and visually exciting even though I remember how his motif didn't make sense to me. (Although, years later Prometheus borrowed some of Calculator's schtick of being able to block a hero from defeating him.)

Now, take all that visual excitement buzz, and apply it to Walt Simonson's take on Calendar Man. It was so great finding something so visually exciting, so different, so attractive to a kid who loved great artwork, that the premise of these B- and C-list characters doesn't matter anymore and all I cared about was seeing more of this great stuff some time again in the future.

So, okay. I just wanted to get that out there. I know Rob sounded pretty skeptical about CM and Calc, but as an art dude I hope he might understand just a bit better now.