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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Splash Page Saturday: Aquaman #19

I love this splash page by Patrick Gleason and Christian Alamy, from Aquaman #19. The preceeding two pages involve Lorena, aka Aquagirl, pounding the kelp out of the guy responsible for dumping parts of San Diego into the sea, creating what became known as Sub Diego.
We don't see Aquaman until this page, and I love how ramrod straight he is here, lifting Lorena into the air with zero effort, while Geist cowers on the floor. Bonus points for the creepy fish.


Wings1295 said...

Love it, as well. Love how they show just how light a human like Lorena would be to someone of Aquaman's strength. Perfect!

Joseph Brian Scott said...

Have really come to love Gleason's work and feel that this stands among the best of the Aquaman eras! And you can't do better than an Alan Davis cover.