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Monday, November 05, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Relief

Okay folks, this is going to be short(ish) and sweet.

Hurricane Sandy hit my home state, New Jersey, very, very hard last week. And while Shrine Central escaped unharmed, the devastation along the coast is catastrophic, and my fellow New Jerseyians need help--specifically, financial help.

So starting today the Shrine is running a fundraiser, all of which will go to Red Cross' efforts to bring relief to those hardest hits. But we are not alone!

Thanks to the enormous generosity of Aquaman artists Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, and F.O.A.M.er Ivan da Costa, the Shrine will be offering three pieces of original Aquaman art by these fine gentlemen, which you can win by donating to our efforts!

The boys will be sending graphics of the specific pieces shortly, which we'll be posting later this week. But you can start donating now, and here's how it works: for every dollar you donate, you will get one chance to win one of three pieces. So, if you donate ten bucks, you get ten chances. Twenty for twenty, and so on. And when the raffle ends next Monday November 12, I will write all the names on pieces of paper and put them into a hat--this hat:
...and then pull out the three winners of the original art. Everyone who donates, regardless of the amount, will get a verbal shout-out on an episode of The Fire and Water Podcast as well as being listed here on the Shrine.

100% of monies raised during this raffle will go to the Red Cross relief fund. And the Shrine will kick in the rest to round up the grand total to the nearest fifty dollars.

Ready to donate? Me, too! Just click this button below (please, not the ones on the sidebar):

Of all the heroes in DCU, Aquaman is the one we need the most during disasters such as this. And while we can't help out as directly and dramatically as the Sea King could, we can all do out part. Please consider donating, as well as spreading the word on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and everywhere else! We can do it, Aqua-Fans!



Designer Daddy said...

AWESOME idea, Rob! Done.

Trinity Electric Lady said...

Our family in Jersey were in bad shape! I'll definitely be donating a few dollars right now. My husband is also from Jersey and his cousins had to go and rescue his aunt and uncle 2 nights ago who are both in their 80's and they had no electricity, no phones, no food, and were down to just a little bit of drinking water. They were definitely in a bad way and were afraid to try and leave their home and couldn't have gotten very far anyway. His cousins said it was a challenge getting to them and getting them out but they finally reached them and now they are safe at home with them at their house. They're feeling like "real" life Super Heroes right now :)