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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Relief - Update 3

So far today we're pretty behind where we were yesterday, in terms of donations. I have to guess that's because today is Election Day in the United States, and a lot of people are running from work to vote, or the other way around. Or, just as likely, they're sick of hearing about it anymore and just staying off the internet entirely.

But the Shrine has a large audience spread out all over the world, so the rest of you need to step up and give give give! I realize the whole concept of "New Jersey" may not mean much to people who don't live in the United States (heck, it doesn't mean much to a lot of people who do), but it has been Shrine Central since we launched back in 2006.

A reminder: Below are two of the items we're raffling off (courtesy Joe Prado and Ivan da Costa) and tomorrow we'll be announcing two more Aqua-Prizes which are...say it with me...outrageous! 



The rules: for every dollar you donate, you will get one chance to win one of the above two pieces. So, if you donate ten bucks, you get ten chances. Twenty for twenty, and so on. The drive ends next Monday November 12.

Everyone who donates, regardless of the amount, will get a verbal shout-out on an episode of The Fire and Water Podcast as well as being listed here on the Shrine.

100% of monies raised during this raffle will go to the Red Cross relief fund. And the Shrine will kick in the rest to round up the grand total to the nearest fifty dollars.

To donate, just click this button below (please, not the ones on the sidebar):

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