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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Relief - Final Update

Okay folks, this is the update you've all been waiting for!

Before the Shrine awards the four Aqua-Prizes, we want to recognize each and every one of you who donated: it was, thankfully, a long list! First up, here are the F.O.A.M. members:

Alys Adamski
Brent Almond
Kelly James Blank
Shawn Brock
Russell Burbage
Ivan da Costa
Ray DeForest
Chris Franklin
Laura Gjovaag 
Jered Gold
Tracy Goll 
Jonathan Hanna
Cindy Healy
Daniel Hemmann 
Michael Holloway
Shag Matthews
Craig McGinnes
Joseph Mello
Stephen Peterson
Rob Pugh
MacHenry Schafer
Dan Schoening
Joe Slab
Christopher Svara
Tamara Trisolino

And here are the people who donated who are now officially inducted into the hallowed halls of F.O.A.M.:
Brian Allen
Justin Barlow
Martha Bartlett
Mark Bicking
Thomas Bishop
Blair Cantafio
Daniel Eaker
John Godwin
Cory Hodgdon 
Todd Hoover
James Kankula
Rob Killingbeck
Matthew Knupp
Kristin LaLonde
Brett Landis
Kevin Lauderdale
Amy Lent
Howard Levine 
Craig MacDonald
Billy Mahoney
David McCuin
Jeffrey Schwarz
Mark Toner
Ricardo Vasquez
Randy Wager
Matthew Wahl
Tim Wallace 
Zachary Whitehouse

I literally did cut up a million little pieces of paper with peoples names on them, and tossed them into a hat. I couldn't find my Aquaman hat, so I used this just-as-appropriate-one instead:
I had Darlin' Tracy pick the names, just to make sure there was no accidental bias (not that there could be, since we held the hat behind us).

So here are the winners of our four awesome Aqua-Prizes:
Original art page from Aquaman #13 by Ivan Reis--Ray DeForest

Original art page from Aquaman #13 by Joe Prado--Martha Bartlett

Aquaman #1 Triptych Reis/Prado/Reis--Randy Wager

Script for Aquaman #1, signed by Geoff Johns--Christopher Svara

Congratulations to the winners, your prizes will be arriving shortly!

The Shrine thanks each and every one of you who participated, you did a great thing and the money we donated will do a lot of good for the people who are (still!) suffering from the effects of Hurricane Sandy.

Also, we of course must thank Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, Rod Reis, and Ivan daCosta, whose generosity made this effort possible. You guys are the true superheroes!


Tim said...

Congrats to the prize winners, but I think we all know the real winners in this are the folks that will benefit from the generosity of the F.O.A.M.ers!

Rob, thanks again for organizing this and giving us an outlet to help!

Unknown said...

Huge congrats to all of the winners. I think it is so incredible to see all of the contributions! So proud to be a FOAMer!

Wings1295 said...

Congrats to the winners! And congrats to the newest members of F.O.A.M.! And kudos to you, Rob, and to all those who made this possible. Good on all of you!

Alys said...

Congrats to everyone and a big thanks to Rob for organizing this!

Martha, how were you not a member before? This lady does an amazing Mera and she has done almost every version of the Mera costume. There is already one of costumes in the cosplay section, check it out, she is awesome!

Michael Holloway said...

Congratulations to the winners from me also, it was an honour to be part of a great cause and to help my fellow Aqua-Fans to help the people affected by the Hurricane.