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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Guest Post: The Aquaman Sandwich

sgWelcome to another Aquaman Shrine Guest Post!

Today we bring you a post from F.O.A.M.er Daniel Hemmann, who is reporting on amazing piece of what I like to call Pop Culture Aquaman. Take it away, Daniel!

In the beginning of November a new restaurant opened in Grand Rapids, Michigan named Two Beards Deli, inspired by the beards of the owners. To go along with the beard theme, each of the 90-plus menu items is named after a famous beard or bearded person, real or fictional.   Among such offerings as The Will Riker, The Soul Patch, and the Charles Darwin there is a sandwich named after everyone’s favorite King of the Seven Seas, 'The Aquaman!:

After ordering on a busy Friday lunch hour from their friendly staff 'The Aquaman' sandwich was delivered to my table wrapped in deli paper. But could the sandwich live up to the Outrageous! nature of its namesake?
The first thing I noticed biting into the sandwich was the salty capicola followed by the sharp taste of the swiss. This quickly faded to an subtle taste of crab from the salad enveloped by the buttery croissant. The texture was marvelous with the flaky croissant holding in the creaminess of the mayo and crab salad with just a little crunch from the scallions and watercress. Outrageous! indeed and a very delicious sandwich. Even though I was getting full about ¾ of the way through, it was so tasty I finished the entire thing. Yum!
After devouring the sandwich I talked to the manager of Two Beards Deli, Chris Sommerfeldt, about what inspired him to name a sandwich after Aquaman.  They were looking up superheroes and found there weren’t many with good beards. Chris thought that even though Aquaman doesn't wear a beard all the time, when he does he wears a big, full, beard that he totally owns. Plus Aquaman looks really sweet with the beard and the hook. It seemed like a great fit.
If you are ever in Michigan, stop by Two Beards Deli in downtown Grand Rapids give the 'The Aquman' a try. I'm sure this Outrageous! sandwich will have you feeling like you could take on Black Manta all by yourself. If you can't visit in person, you can check out twobeardsdeli.com and like them on Facebook!



Richard said...

I've been waiting for the day The Aquaman Shrine would run a food review, and that day has arrived at last. My dream of Rob starting a blog called Hey Kids, Cuisine! is now one step closer to reality.

(Daniel, all kidding aside, that was an excellent review and based on your description I'd try that sandwich in a heartbeat.)

Saranga said...

Daniel where did you get your t-shirt? I want it!

Joseph Brian Scott said...

Nice article! You made it sound really yummy; I'd even be willing to splurge on the $9.25 portion.

Wings1295 said...

Awesome! Definitely an off-beat post here, but just great. And I like your tee, too!

Earth 2 Chris said...

This place sounds like a lot of fun...and your review makes me hungry!

Oh, and your shirt looks like the old Underoos shirt from the 70s...is it?


Orin's dad said...

I argee with Saranga; I want that shirt! Where did you get it Daniel?
What a fun review. Well done Daniel. Great guest post!

Dan Hemmann said...

Thanks for the compliments! I had a lot of fun writing the article. The shirt was a Christmas gift from a friend. http://bit.ly/ToRDbF