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Friday, November 16, 2012

Aquaman Art Gallery: Isikol

Here's an unusual take on the Sea King by the artist Isikol. They used male model Jason Baca for Aquaman, placing him in a 3D world--and a scary one, at that.

This would make great concept art for a live-action Aquaman movie, giving skeptical studios an idea of how exciting a film it could be. I mean, who wouldn't see this?


Wings1295 said...

The one thing that would annoy me would be the brown hair. Aquaman has blond hair, for 70+ years! The pic is great, though!

Joseph Brian Scott said...

Really cool; great work.

Second your emotion about the Aquaman movie! Underwater SFX have become sophisticated enough that an Aquaman movie could be done, and done well. In fact, I think I have felt that way since seeing "A.I. Artificial Intelligence" a decade ago.

Michael Holloway said...

I would TOTALLY LOVE an Aquaman movie! This image is amazing and would make a wonderful conceptual design for a sales pitch to filmmakers. However, I also agree about Aquaman's hair - he HAS to be a blonde!