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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Others Finale!

Aquaman #13 is on sale today from DC Comics! It features the highly-anticipated, epic conclusion to “The Others” storyline and also caps off the acclaimed run of all-star art duo Ivan Reis and Joe Prado. Over the past year, we’ve gone from being huge fans to becoming fast-friends with Ivan and Joe (aka the #AquaTeam as they’re known on the interwebs) and while sad to see them go, we wish them all the best as they splash on over to another New 52 book -which one is it again? Oh yeah, you may have heard of it--a little title called JUSTICE LEAGUE!
Talking with Joe and Ivan throughout their 14-issue tenure on Aquaman, one thing has always come shining through--these guys are passionately devoted to their craft, never satisfied with reaching a comfortable visual plateau but always challenging themselves to go beyond past achievements to reach new creative heights. Nowhere is this more apparent than in their cinematic work on Aquaman, indisputably one of the biggest hits of the New 52 and owing much of its success to the team behind the panels: Ivan, Joe, writer Geoff Johns and colorist Rod Reis -- who, by the way, gets to have his cake and eat it too by both staying on Aquaman as well joining his comrades-in-art on Justice League (double-score!).
So it is with much appreciation that we bid Ivan and Joe despedida on behalf of Aquaman readers everywhere, knowing that we’ll be right with them as they prepare to blow people away with their work on Justice League in the "Throne of Atlantis" crossover with Aquaman in just a couple months. Here's what Ivan and Joe had to say about going from Sea King solo to League ensemble art duties:

Ivan:  Thanks for all the kind words and support guys, the Shrine has been a real part of this Aquaman run...and hey, we are not leaving Aquaman [the character] we're working with him in Justice League!

Joe:  Having the chance of working on Aquaman (one of my all-time favorite characters) was a dream come true for me and having on my side such talented friends, made all the difference! I think we all grew up as artists and Geoff as a writer on this run and we had a blast! But hey -- we also owe you guys and the fans from the Shrine a great  deal! You guys were always supporting and giving us the strength and encouragement to do our best work ever with such an amazing character!

And we're not giving up on Aquaman, Mera, Atlantis, The Others, and everything else at all! We'll be taking very good care of (at least) Arthur and Mera on Justice League so stay tuned for THRONE OF ATLANTIS!!! This story has been planned for a long time and it rocks! :) So as you can see, the guys may be moving but they’re not going too far.

You can preview the all-out action in Aquaman #13 over at CBR and as always we'll have a full recap/review of the issue on the Shrine’s Comics Weekend post!


Ryan said...

BIG shoes to fill for the upcoming fill in artist & when Pelletier starts as regular.

Reis & Prado will be sorely missed!

Shellhead said...

I thought the arc ended rather nicely. Still, I'm going to miss the art. Outside of Alex Ross, it's the best the Sea King has ever looked.