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Monday, October 15, 2012

Teen Titans Episode 3

Episode 3: "Operation Rescue"

While testing out their new Titans Jet, Speedy and Aqualad see something truly unbelievable: a small boy being chased by some sort of prehistoric monster!

The creature chases the boy right off the cliff, into the water below. While Speedy distracts the beast with some smoke arrows, Aqualad does what Aqualad does, and head into the water to rescue the boy:
Speedy picks up Aqualad and the boy--named Jerry--and the frightened lad explains that he and his explorer father were searching for a supposed "lost civilization" hidden deep in the mountains. Jerry's father has disappeared, as well.

From above, Speedy and Aqualad find the lost tribe (which lives in a small village of fairly nice little cottages), but their new plane gets caught up in the ferocious mountain winds, making it an easy target for the bomb-spear-throwing tribesmen:
Back home, Wonder Girl and Kid Flash wonder what happened to their friends. Aqualad manages to issue a distress call, and "Wonder Doll" and "Twinkle Toes" make for Asia to rescue their teammates.

While Wonder Girl distracts the tribe by deflecting their spears, Kid Flash sneaks into the cell that Speedy, Aqualad, Jerry, and his father are being held. Returning Speedy's bow and quiver to them, they blast their way out, hopping back into the Titans Jet, which is still having problems getting lift off.

Wonder Girl lassos the jet with her Magic Lasso, and Kid Flash creates a mini-whirlwind which helps them get into the sky. As everyone departs, Kid Flash bids adieu to the tribesmen:
Jerry and his Dad thank the Titans for saving their lives, and our heroes head for home. The ever-lovin' end!

This was the final Teen Titans segment Filmation produced; while they're hardly the pinnacle of TV animation (that would be Penelope Pitstop) these were fun little mini-adventures and of course it was so cool to see such "B" characters be the stars. In this adventure, Wonder Girl almost lifts the Titan Jet all by herself--pretty impressive for a mere girl!

Aqualad frets a lot this time around. And that's all I have to say about that.


Unknown said...

Yep, I always thought Wonder Girl was pretty strong for a girl.

James Chatterton

Joseph Brian Scott said...

I've read that this is what's going to replace Young Justice until January, with the same three episodes being shown over and over. :(