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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Splash Page Saturday: JLA #222

This is a deceptively simple splash page, from Justice League of America #222, by the underrated Chuck Patton, inked by Romeo Tanghal.

For those who never read it, the "Beasts" storyline was a three-part saga where the JLA faced off against a small cadre of genetically-modified animal people, led by the vile Maxmius Rex. What really made this story stand out was the level of graphic violence depicted. Sure, by horror movie standards (even of the time) it wasn't much, but to see any blood spilled, at all, in a JLA comic was pretty eye-opening, especially to the wee lad that I was when I first bought these issues.

The JLA is a little slow on the uptake in dealing with Rex, fully grasping how ruthless he is. It's with this issue--the second installment--that they start to wise up. And you can see that depicted here, with the stone-faced looks on Superman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman as they listen to Rex's former love, the cat-woman Reena, tell her story. I remember seeing this splash at knowing things were getting serious, and Patton's understated body language said way more than gritted teeth and clenched fists ever could.

Department of Anniversaries: Today is The Aquaman Shrine's 6th anniversary! Six straight years of uninterrupted Sea King goodness, never missing a single day. My sincerest thanks to all of you who have supported the Shrine so long and so vigorously. Onto Year Seven!


Wings1295 said...

Sort of like a Justice League American Idol pic, LOL

KUDOS on the anniversary! And THANK YOU for all the Aqua-goodness! We have been the ones who have benefited!

Orin's dad said...

Can't agree enough with CJ above. rob!, your unwavering dedication for the last 6 years is what we all should be thanking. You have given us 6 years of AWESOME AQUAMAN coolness! Thanks rob!

Jorge PR said...

Happy anniversary!

And thanks for the hard work keeping on with the news!

matthew jones said...

Happy Anniversary from me as well. Here's to another six years and more of this great site. Love the JLA splash page too.