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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Justice League #13 - Dec. 2012

Comics Weekend "The Secret of the Cheetah" by Geoff Johns, Tony S. Daniel, Richard Friend, and Batt.

Superman and Wonder Woman, last seen locking lips, awkwardly separate--now what?

Well, for one, The Cheetah:
Wonder Woman and The Cheetah have quite the tussle in Central Park, and it ends with Diana knocked unconscious. When she awakens, it's on the JLA satellite under the care of Flash and Cyborg.

Meanwhile, in Washington D.C., Batman and Aquaman pay the still-recuperating Steve Trevor a visit :
We learn that Barbara Minerva--aka The Cheetah--and Diana were once friends, but after accidentally getting cut by a mystical dagger, she became transformed into the animalistic Cheetah. Wonder Woman blames herself for what happened to Barbara, so she feels its her job to stop The Cheetah's rampage, but hopefully not hurting her in the process.

Superman and Wonder Woman talk about their kiss and pose a lot, while Flash and Cyborg get to know one another better as friends. Cyborg pinpoints The Cheetah's current location, and offer to go with Wonder Woman to find her. That news gets to Batman and Aquaman as well:
The Justice League makes it to the Congo, where The Cheetah has home field advantage. Before they know it, she has slashed Batman and Flash, and then climbs on top of Superman and bites into his neck. When Wonder Woman gets to see if Superman is okay, the answer is most definitely "no":
...of course, to be continued!

Another issue of Justice League where Aquaman does a whole lot of standing around. Looking very forward to when the boys (aka Reis/Prado/Reis) take over the artistic duties, and the "Throne of Atlantis" storyline.

That said, this wasn't that bad an issue. The art by Daniel, Friend, and Batt is petty sharp--The Cheetah looks simultaneously scary and sexy--and they handle the action sequences well. There's still way too many shots of the Leaguers standing around posing, but that's something that goes on across almost all modern superhero comics.

We don't see Aquaman at all during the final sequence; I hope he gets to square off against The Cheetah next issue!


Ryan Daly said...

I had some worries going into this issue. I'm a huge fan of Wonder Woman and her nemesis Cheetah, but I prefer the classic Cheetah to the felinoid version we've had since CRISIS. Also, I HATE Tony Daniel's writing, and usually don't like his art much more. Also also, I really, really don't want to see Wonder Woman and Superman as a couple. So I had a lot of reservations going into this issue...

But it was better than I expected. Not great, but not bad.

Randy Meyer said...

I too like the pre-Crisis Cheetah much more. However, I have to say, if given the choice, I'll take the George Perez mostly-naked-but-at-least-covered-by-fur Cheetah than the Tony Daniel just-mostly-naked-reader-has-Tex-Avery-wolf-eyes Cheetah.