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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Aquaman on Dexter

Aquaman made an appearance (sort of) on the October 7th installment of Dexter, now in its seventh season!

A nerdy nemesis of Dexter's named Louis Greene (played by Josh Cooke), records a series of web diaries on various topics, and one of them includes praise for the New 52 Aquaman figure, which he proudly announces has "29 points of articulation, five more than the last figure they put out!"

Tim Schlattmann, Executive Story Editor on Dexter, is an avowed fan of Aquaman, so I'm betting this particular scene was his handiwork. The Shrine interviewed Tim back in 2007, which you can read here!

Update: Tim informs me that while he was indeed the author of that Aquaman line, the episode was written by Manny Coto, who is also a big comic book fan!


Wings1295 said...

Cool! I am seasons behind in my Dexter viewing, sadly!

r duncan said...

Is Aquaman becoming the go-to hero to prove one's nerdiness in popular entertainment? I'm thinking of Aquaman in the 40yo virgin, Sheldon's t-shirts in Big Bang, this reference on Dexter, etc. Not complaining. There are much worse fates for a comic book character, including perpetual obscurity.

Daoud F. said...

I'm catching up on season seven right now and when Dexter pretends to be a parole officer for one of his victims he's tracking he gives his name as Arthur Curry. It was either in the finale or the episode right before.