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Friday, October 05, 2012

Aquaman Art Gallery: Steve Lightle

Shrine Correspondent Russell Burbage found this sharp (literally) sketch of Aquaman by comics pro Steve Lightle (from his Facebook page), someone who to my memory has never had the opportunity to draw the Sea King in an actual DC book.

The addition of the Brave and the Bold-esque beard shows that it would work just fine in a more serious form--Aquaman looks as serious as a heart-attack here!

Great job Mr. Lightle and nice catch Russell!


Randy Meyer said...

Steve Lightle has always been one of my favorite underrated artists. Always wanted to see his Aquaman! Thanks for posting this!!

Wings1295 said...

Great piece! That Aquaman looks like he suffers NO fools!

Orin's dad said...

Loved the work he did on Doom Patrol back in the mid-80's. I think he'd be fun on Aquaman.