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Monday, October 01, 2012

90s Aquaman Cosplay

I found this photo during a Google search for something else, but it was too good to pass up--after all, how much 90s Aquaman cosplay do you ever see? And standing next to Moondragon, yet! I don't even know where to begin with that.

You gotta admit, that's a really good suit the Aquaman fan is rocking, not to mention the abs.


Richard said...

Hmmmm. Can't help thinking that for some folks, cosplay is an excuse to show off their physique in a socially acceptable way. Well, relatively speaking, I mean. Mind you, if I had that guy's build I'd never wear a shirt ever.

And props to Moondragon -- it's always neat to see someone look beyond the big names and go with one of the secondary characters, and it really works here.

Designer Daddy said...

Ah, the 90s...Goatees and mullets for everyone!

aquaman said...

I knew this guy back then, can't remember his name though. He cosplayed for a living. I believe that is his (was) long standing girlfriend. He was known for the rockin bod and his suits that he airbrushed himself. He also did an amazing Hawkman back then. Not sure if he is still around...