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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Who's Who: Atlantis

With Who's Who back in the news (DC dusting off the format for the New 52), now's the perfect time to post this gorgeous triple-fold-out shot from the "loose-leaf" edition of the series, drawn by Estaban Maroto, who was doing the honors on the Atlantis Chronicles mini-series at the time.

Maroto never got to draw Aquaman per se in that series (only a one-page shot of Arthur as a baby), so it's cool he got to try his hand at the Sea King here. Click the image to really appreciate all that's going on in there!

This was sent in by Shrine Correspondent Russell Burbage (him again?). Thanks Russell!


Wings1295 said...

Great image! But, what's this about DC dusting of Who's Who???

r duncan said...

Yeah. That Burbage guy can be a nuisance. ;)

aquaman said...

I have seen this shot before, but what was it published in? Was it a book? What's the "loose leaf" edition??

Maurice Mitchell said...

Awesome picture. That guy has a real gift for cramming an image full of stuff.

rob! said...

@Joe--Dc has been putting quasi WW pages in the back of some books this month. Commissioner Gordon and Green Lantern are two I've seen.


@Aquaman--DC did a "loose leaf" version of WW, concentrating on current characters, in the early 90s. They were loose pages instead of stapled books.

@MM--Yep. Estaban Maroto is a very underrated comic artist!