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Monday, September 17, 2012

The Fire and Water Podcast: Episode 30

The official podcast of THE AQUAMAN SHRINE and FIRESTORM FAN

Episode 30 - Aquaman #12 Review and Listener Feedback

This episode Shag and I talk about AQUAMAN #12 (by Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, Oclair Albert, Andy Lanning, and Rod Reis)! We also chat a little more about DragonCon! Finally, the podcast wraps up with a double-sized dose of your listener feedback!

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Chad Bokelman said...

Rob, the Fire and Water podcast is rapidly (yeah I made a "rapidly" joke) becoming my favorite comics podcast second only to Comic Geek Speak. (I'd include The Lanterncast! in there as well but that seems a little self serving) Just wanted to swing by and say that I love the show.

Aquaman #12 was a beautifully illistrated issue and told a compelling story but, similar to you, I felt no emotion in the death of Volstak. I don't think that comes from a detached response to death in comics so much as it can be attributed to Geoff Johns FINALLY spreading himself too thin. Don't get me wrong, I love Justice League, Aquaman and Green Lantern. But every single one of those series suffers from exactly the same problem: the big deal page turn reveal doesn't have the "OH SHIT!" moment it should. Don't get me wrong, the story is amazing. The characterizations are enthralling. But these huge storys we're supposed to care so much about just don't bring the same excitement they used to. When I read Green Lantern, I used to put down the issue and go, "Holy CRAP! What's next?! Where the heck is Johns going with this?" Now, when I put down a Geoff Johns book, I go, "Well, that was cool. What else do I have to read?" I enjoy it, but it doesn't EXCITE me anymore. It is only after I take some time to myself to seriously think about hints dropped in the book, only THEN do I get even remotely excited.

I'm NOT putting Johns down, he's still one of my favorite writers despite all of this. But suffice it to say, the carbonation build leading to what is SUPPOSED to be a "POP!" isn't popping anymore. The soda still tastes good, the design on the can looks as good as it always did, but I'm not getting any excitement when I open the can. I know what's coming (for the most part) and I've lost all imaginative possibility that, when I open the can, the things shockingly going to explode in my face. Ok, this metaphor is falling apart. Love the show, love your site and love Aquaman. Ride the wave!

Russell said...

I agree with both of you, Rob and Chad. AQUAMAN is an excellent book, but all this mysteriousness works against *liking* or *caring* about the characters. AQUAMAN is in a much better place than JLA but geez, I read this issue and thought, "Not over yet?" when I'm sure they wanted me to say, "WOW, what an issue!" Haven't thought that since the Mera solo story a few issues back. (sigh)

Love the podcast, by the way. Consistently entertaining.

cリnical said...

Rob, how on earth could you NOT love Transformers?? That's so... wrong.

Also, did I miss it, or did you guys not credit my musical partner like you promised? Hmm??

And Chad, tell me more about this Lanterncast! I am intrigued.

cリnical said...

Oh, I also agree with the guy that said Smallville sucked and should never be referenced ever again.

Frank should definitely return to an episode in the future. His first cameo was fantastic. Perhaps you guys could reign him in a bit more or actually take the time to map out a specific structure the conversation will follow. Maybe that would calm some of the haters down.

Diabolu Frank said...

1. Sorry for the late reply, but I've had a hella busy/lousy week, and my crappy Wall*Mart computer desk literally collapsed when I tried to adjust it earlier today. Yes, I realize pointing out Wall*Mart is crap is like saying McDonalds food isn't worth dying young and painfully over, but last time I needed a new desk after good places' business hours. Anyway, I've spent over six hours buying and building a new Idol-Head command center from Ikea, which is appropriately green (except for the counter top, which only came in black or white.) Now all I need is some more 138 proof Mythe Absinthe Traditional to make the past few days a richly deserved blur. One benefit of all this is that I've listened to the new podcast 3+ times while I worked. Of course, between being away from the computer and the wormwood, I don't actually have that many points to make about it.

2. Happy Birthday F&WP! I've got four years and five days on you!

2. I saw The Quickening at the theater as well. I don't have anything worthwhile to add to that, except maybe that Highlander III: The Sorcerer was so much worse, it is the only movie I actually chose to leave the theater in disgust over. Also, I learned about quickening in Maternity class. In real life, it isn't as interesting as it sounded as a subtitle, nor as reflective of the movie as something like the realization that all those folds inside the vagina are basically a compressed p***y parachute waiting to unfurl when that first kid drops.

2. Something I've thought about since first becoming a true Aquaman fan in the early '90s: Black Manta II. When the Green Goblin murders a toddler, you friggin' endeaden him, and clear the way for Hobgoblin. There was an entire organization under Black Manta I, and no reason why you couldn't go up or down a food chain for Manta Ray or Dark Manta or whatevs.

2. “Love is too weak a word for what I feel—I lurve you, you know." However, I vastly prefer Manhattan, for the record.

Diabolu Frank said...

2. Absinthe and Pepsi Max makes for a fairly grotesque combination, especially if you get the balance wrong. Where was I? Oh yeah--

14. It occurs to me that the "Live Action" episode was probably a preemptive passive-aggressive strike by Rob against the Dragon*Con episode.

41. In the CBS Justice League movie, David Odgen Stiers had a great Martian Manhunter voice and a superior Stay Puft Mint Marshmallow Man frame

J. Haters gonna hate. For you folks jealous of my appearance on a podcast with dozen of listeners, why don’t you build your own daily blog devoted to a character with so little commercial potential that DC would rather give Dial H For Hero another try in the New 52 than your guy so you can earn my level of fame? Also, I prefer to refer to it as my having mindwiped the podcast to make sure it was ready for a coming threat in the summer of 2013... Possibly a Bret Ratner Justice League movie.

X. The first season of Madmen was among the greatest in television history, and the only season I've seen that tells a self-contained story. The Don Draper mystery plotline might have been arch compared to later seasons, but was enthralling with a Hitchcockian edge unseen since. Weiner spent the entire second season aimlessly trying to figure out how to follow the first, and ended up in an obvious place wallowing in domesticity. Season 3 was a huge improvement, with great new characters and dynamics. Four was good as well, but below 1 & 3. I watch on DVD, and season 5 is a month away, so we'll see how that goes.

Π. Warner Brothers has had the rights to the DC properties since the Nixon Administration, and hasn’t produced as many good movies in twenty years as Marvel Studios have in four. They’re chasing after The Avengers like Battle Beyond the Stars chased Star Wars. I doubt they’ve even got a good Superman movie in the pipeline, much less the entire Justice League.

0. As an impoverished youth, I bought a few Go-Bots and some of the cheapest low level Transformers. My personal high point was transforming a friend’s Optimus Prime in front of a strobe light. They’re machines that turn into other machines. Who gives a crap? I’d rather listen to Bon Jovi’s greatest hits than spare a single thought for those stupid things, and I’m proud to say I’ve managed to avoid every Transformers movie. I also think dinosaurs are super boring. Boys. Pfft.

♆. Has there ever been a Firestorm themed intermission? There have just been so many Aquaman ones, y'know?

☢. Between having to break my comments in half and struggling to get through the word verification, I just remembered why I prefer leaving lengthy comments on Firestorm Fans' WordPress page . Grrr!