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Monday, September 03, 2012

Super Friends Rubber Swim Mask

F.O.A.M.er Ray DeForest sent in this shot of a Super Friends-brand Rubber Swim Mask, which featured customized packaging that, for once, highlighted Aquaman!

Which only makes sense of course--if you've got a gross of kids' swim gear and you've just purchased the Super Friends license, you're going to spotlight Aquaman, even if he was unceremoniously dumped from the stock art logo:
What's interesting is that I have my own Super Friends/Aquaman brand rubber swim mask, which we covered on the Shrine last year. But that version comes in some slightly different packaging:
The one Ray bought on eBay, pictured above, comes attached to a card, as opposed to mine, which was sold in a plastic bag. Great Neptune, we've got a variant here!

Thanks Ray!


Shawn said...

I didn't take it as he was dumped from the logo, I thought we was leaping away from the other heroes just standing there - knowing that the best man for the job was on it!


aquaman said...

the best is the very tiny seahorse with Aquaman on his back used in the mask itself and on the warranty label!