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Saturday, September 08, 2012

Justice League #12 - Oct. 2012

Comics Weekend "Rescue From Within" by Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, Scott Williams, and a host of others.

Warning: No scene like this appears inside the comic.

The final week of August was a big one for Aquaman; with #12 of his own series coming out along with this issue of Justice League, which featured him on one of baker's dozen of multiple covers. It opens with the media reacting to the public spectacle of the League fighting amongst themselves:

Turns out that Steve Trevor isn't dead--despite what it looked like last issue--which leads to the League to realize that the ghostly images he's been conjuring aren't really ghosts. That snaps them out of their collective despair, and they go after Graves, ending with Aquaman delivering the coup de grace:
Graves is defeated and returns to human form. Wonder Woman brings Trevor to a hospital, where she tells him the bad news--to protect him, she is going to ask that the League have a new liaison. Trevor is deeply hurt, but Diana had made her decision.

Meanwhile, up at the JL HQ:

An argument ensues, ending with Green Lantern deciding to resign from the team, offering himself as scapegoat for the media. The rest try to talk him out of it, but he is similarly firm. Using his ring, he departs. But hey, where are Superman and Wonder Woman during all this? They're down on Earth, taking their work relationship to a new level (see variant covers A, C, and D).

As David Graves starts on a new book, The Villain's Journey, we're given a preview of what's coming up in Year Two of Justice League:

...of course, to be continued!

I've said this multiple times before, but since things never seem to change I'm stuck repeating myself: I just can't get into this book. As much as I love what Johns is doing on Aquaman, each new issue of Justice League leaves me dissatisfied and frustrated. But as long as the Sea King is in it, I'll keep buying.


Joe Huber said...

YOu aren't alone in your thinking. I'm planning on stopping purchasing this one after the "0" issue. The new 52 has been great for my wallet as I've pretty much dropped all of the "super hero" titles except for Aquaman. The only other books I read now are Swamp Thing, Animal Man, JL Dark (which runs circles around JL), and the new Phantom Stranger.

Orin's dad said...

I'm in the same boat as you, rob!, in that if Aquaman wasn't in this book I would have dropped it a long time ago. It just doesn't resonate well with me at all. In fact, I've had a hard time getting into any of the New 52, with the exception of Aquaman. Earth 2 is still doing ok with me, but that's about it. The rest I've already dropped... Had high hopes for a lot of the titles, but they just didn't deliver.

Shellhead said...

Make that three.
No Aquaman, no JL being bought. I almost wish he'd leave the team so I can save the money!

Jason G. said...

Sadly, I am also only buying Justice League because of Aquaman's presence. I wish Aquaman would leave and spin off into a title featuring The Others. Now that's a team that Johns can write well - if there are any of them alive after this arc of course.

Little Russell Burbage said...

I'm with everybody else here. JLA is just not doing it for me. Five years of bickering?!?! I don't believe it.

For Comic Junkies said...

I disagree! I love the book. I think starting it 5 years ago is kinda what hurt it. But I really like it and really if you look at it the book was always from the point of view that the world thought the League was perfect but in reality they are not at all. That aspect I dug from the very beginning. But like I said it would probably have struck a better cord with everyone if it didn't start off "5 years ago" as opposed to maybe 1 or 2 years.