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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Dennis Doucette as Aquaman

This stunning shot of F.O.A.M.er Dennis Doucette in his work clothes (i.e. an Aquaman costume) adorns Dennis' Facebook page. When I saw it I almost gasped, I thought it was so stunning and beautiful. (Click to embiggen)

We've covered Dennis' work before--he's no less than a real live version of Aquaman--and of all the photos I've seen of him in costume, this one just blows me away. If/when they make an Aquaman movie, I hope there's a shot like this in it!

Keep up the good work Dennis!


Dennis Doucette said...

Awesome! Thanks Rob!!!

Kryschenn said...

Wow - and kudos to the photographer who took this stunning image!

Wings1295 said...

Amazing pic!