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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

DC Super Friends: To The Rescue

Another week, another DC Super Friends book found and sent in by Shrine Correspondent Russell Burbage, who is like Indiana Jones at finding these sorts of things.

This "board book" is called To The Rescue, and features a healthy helping of Aquaman amid the action. Each two-page spread features a scene of the Super Friends fighting the bad guys, and using 21st Century "lift the flap" technology, you can see Aquaman (and the rest) fight for justice, help out young kids, and save cuddly animals:
...I could watch/read about Aquaman saving baby seals all day.

This book features a couple of unusual details: Hal Jordan is Green Lantern, instead of the standard (for this line) John Stewart; plus Krypto makes an appearance!
These DCSF products tend not to use any female characters, for whatever reason, but they do occasionally. I wonder if a DC Super Friends Mera is out of the realm of possibility?

Thanks Russell!


Craig said...

I try to like this stuff... and I loved DC's for-kids product back in the day.

But the squat cutification of these heroes that comes out of the anime style is just too precious-looking for me.


Orin's dad said...

These books are just fun.

Anonymous said...

Always happy to see my books on here. Thanks, Rob!

Russell said...

This is a fun, fun book. I saw it in a downtown Columbus bookstore. I immediately flipped through it to judge the Aquaman content to judge whether I was going to buy it or not. I thought he was on four or so of the six or so of the spreads, so figured that was enough to warrant the purchase. When I got home I was VERY pleasantly surprised that he was on every page....just hidden, like coming up from the sewer system to knock out the Penguin, or in the water with the walrus and seal babies. Score!!! :-)