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Monday, August 06, 2012

"The Currys of Atlantis"

Everybody remembers "The Currys of Atlantis", right? It first appeared as the opening teaser for the Batman: Brave and the Bold episode "Sword of the Atom." It featured Aquaman, Mera, and Arthur Jr. involved in all sorts of classic sit-com predicaments, complete with opening theme, laugh track, and unexpected guests coming for dinner.

Thanks to the efforts of F.O.A.M. member Tyrone Biljan, the Shrine has learned that "The Currys of Atlantis" was, in fact, a real show--and we've got the vintage TV Guide listings to prove it:

Sadly, The Currys of Atlantis was buried by the network on Friday nights, long known as the television graveyard for shows with a younger-skewing audience. After just half a season, it was cancelled, replaced on the schedule by Then Came Bronson, and promptly forgotten about.

Thanks to Tyrone for the detective work!


Anthony said...


Though to nitpick, back in the day, Friday (and Saturday) nights *weren't* a graveyard, but home of some of TV's most popular shows... nowadays? *Crickets chirping*

(Makes obligatory "when's this show coming to DVD" demand...)

Orin's dad said...

They got both Paul Lynde AND Bert Convy to guest star? Genius... sheer genius!

Wings1295 said...

Well, that is just amazing. And I am sure Charles Lane appeared on an episode or two, right? ;)

r duncan said...

"Then Came Bronson."? Haha.

Richard said...

I was wondering why you never talked about that show here. It just seemed like such a major thing to leave out of the Shrine, you know? But it was worth the wait: seeing those TV Guide listings takes me right back!

And I never could forgive "Then Came Bronson"...

Earth 2 Chris said...

Man, that last episode was totally ripped-off by and episode of "Everybody Loves Raymond"!


Anonymous said...

Well Chris, I prefer to think that all these TV Guide listings exit from a Parallel Universe. "Raymond" doesn't exist there but "The Curry's of Atlantis" does. I somehow was able to find my own cosmic treadmill to discover this on my own! Just like "TCOA" do not exist in the universe that created Phyllis Diller's "The Pruitts of Southampton" All "TCOA" fans should check that out on You Tube sometime!


Joseph Brian Scott said...

Awww...I went to the YT and there wasn't a complete episode of "The Pruitts of Southampton" available. I watched what was there, though, and I have to say they were a pretty spry group for a bunch of mummies.

Earth 2 Chris said...

I think those "Raymond" writers must have tuned into the parallel world of "The Currys", just like Garnder Fox used to tune into Earth-Two!