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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

DC Super Friends: Potty Time Power

Proving the Super Friends can help with any problem, DC Super Friends: Potty Time Power finds our heroes lending moral support for a small boy named Sam who is just learning potty training.

In the story, such as it is, Sam is busy playing with his action figures (Superman and Flash), when he realizes he needs to go. He heads to the bathroom, and some of the Super Friends are there to help:
...Plastic Man, making a rare appearance in the DCSF universe!

After Sam is done, it's important that he washes his hands, so guess whose here to remind him? You guessed it:
Sam is successful, and Superman, Flash, Batman, Robin, Aquaman, and Plastic Man congratulate him for taking such a big step. Back to play time!

er Russell Burbage, who sent this in, manages to find more Aquaman-related stuff while waiting in line at Barnes and Noble than I could in a whole day at a comic convention. In addition to sending every page(!) of the book, he also pointed out that Green Lantern appears on the front and back covers, but not in the book itself...?
This book would make a perfect companion to yesterday's DC Super Friends underwear, come to think of it. Thanks Russell!


r duncan said...

Readers Digest/DC imprint? That is wild!

If I were a feminist I would be mad that there's not a girl's version, with Wonder Woman, Batgirl, and Mera of course.

rob! said...

We don't know there isn't!

Shellhead said...

This is a little weird to me. Why is Aquaman hanging out in that kid's bathroom?

Steve said...

I like how Sam is even sporting the orange-and-green. No secret who his favorite hero is, despite the cape. :)

Joseph Brian Scott said...

Very cute.

Potty powers! Now I finally realize how I can make a contribution to the battle against evil and injustice.

Russell said...

He would have had an Aquaman action figure but Fisher-Price hadn't made any yet!! ;-)