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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

DC Comics Archival Print - A is for Aquaman

To be fair, in the New 52 it stands for Atlantis -- but that would be nitpicking!

Just announced via the Source Blog:

DC Collectibles, the exclusive line of collector items from DC Entertainment, continues to build out its recently expanded online store, and now offers a high-end line of custom graphic prints for sale exclusively online. Fans may recall that a limited selection of the custom prints were available for sale at C2E2 earlier this year, and based on popular demand an expanded line-up is now available for sale here. More than 20 prints are currently available, with new prints added all the time. Make sure to visit DC Collectibles store (www.shopdccollectibles.com) regularly as a one-stop shop for the latest prints, statues, action figures and more collectible awesomeness!

And just to tick off rob!, they made a SHAZAM one too (as well as a Starfire that could double as truck mud-flap decal!). Check 'em all out and we'll have something special for the 1st F.O.A.M.er to send us a picture of the above print displayed in their possession!


Earth 2 Chris said...

I think these are pretty nice, but of course I appreciate the classic themes the most. I particularly like The Flying Graysons print! Aquaman's not bad either. The Kandor one is neat, but way wrong, since we all know Superman had no powers under Kandor's artificial red sun!

I do wish DC would quit marketing Starfire as a space tramp. Sigh.


Ryan said...

I would like to wallpaper my room with that!

Anonymous said...

You are right about the Starfire one apparently she's DCs go to pinup girl since theyve toned down Power Girl.

I would love one of theese featuring Atlantis too!

Randy Meyer said...

I love the Aquaman one, of course, but my other favorite is the Coast City one, with the spotlights in yellow and the one beam of green streaking through the city.