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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Aquaman & Mera: I, Vampire Style

When DC Comics first announced that I, Vampire (originally created by our friend J.M. DeMatteis in 1981) would be among the 52 new titles debuting last September, many fans assumed it was a quick attempt to cash in on the Twilight craze, however I,V has proven to be one of the most consistently well-done titles on the market despite its lesser sales.

My New 52 pull list has dropped titles like a tree in autumn, but I have consistently enjoyed I, Vampire for is deeply emotional & well crafted stories by Joshua Hale Fialkov and its strikingly beautiful & downright scary art by Andrea Sorrentino. So imagine my surprise when out of the clear blue sky Andrea decided to bust out of the horror genre by posting these awesome sketches of Aquaman & Mera over the weekend! I just can't say enough about his talent and would love to see him produce a fill-in issue of Aquaman if ever the opportunity arises.

If you haven't been reading and would like to see what I'm talking about, I,V Vol. 1: Tainted Love is out in October--check it out! What do you guys think of the Sea King & Queen-- done I, Vampire style?


Ryan said...

Totally cool! Reminds me of Andrew Bennett & Queen Mary very much.

Joseph Brian Scott said...

These are wonderful! I especially like how Mera's hair resembles seaweed; nice sense of underwater movement.

Ryan Daly said...

Love these sketches! I was a huge fan of Sorrentino's art on I, VAMPIRE. I haven't been following the series after issue #1, but I might pick up the first trade when it's released.