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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

90s Aquaman by Ivan Reis

The two Ivans--Reis and da Costa--sent me this spiffy private commission the former finished a few weeks ago, of Aquaman rocking his 90s look--scraggly hair, metal shirt, hook for a hand! Great glimpse of what Aquaman might look like if his 90s costume had lasted until today.

Thanks guys!


Diabolu Frank said...

But it didn't. Praise Jesus. And I'm not even Christian.

Joseph Brian Scott said...

Very nice! Sweet addition to your holdings, Rob.

It took me years, but I finally came around to appreciating some aspects of this look; I now really dig the long locks and facial hair, and the two-toned pants and seashell circlet crown (not included on the rendering here) were neat stylistic touches. Unto this day, however, I can't abide the hook hand and the gladiator half-shirt thingy. I wish some superhero could have saved us from the weird '90s fad for half-body armor; I never got it. If you're going to wear armor, seems to me you'd want something around your head and neck rather than just your shoulder.

Wings1295 said...

Great piece, but I hope that look stays in his past. :)

Peter David said...

It's a harpoon. Why is that SO difficult for people to wrap their heads around?

And of course as people pissed and moaned and bitched about the look, they also bought the series because they couldn't ignore it. And subsequent writers promptly dismantled everything and lo, fandom breathed a sigh of relief, because now they could go back to ignoring Aquaman. And there was much rejoicing . And sales promptly went into freefall and the book was canceled. So it'd be nice if all these years later, people might acknowledge that with the addition of the long hair, the attitude, and the harpoon, that I knew what I was doing.


Joe Slab said...

@Peter David -

Your contribution to the Sea King's mythos is undeniable. You revitalized & sustained an Aquaman series successfully for longer than any other writer in the Modern Age and a generation of fans identify with Orin as opposed to Arthur.

We think this post is a nice tribute to that era!

Joe Slab

Peter David said...

Thanks. And I agree, that really is a nice piece.

Although in the interest of fairness, I was never wild about the gladiator arm piece myself. I thought it looked ridiculous. The bare-chested version in the JLA animated series looked way better.


Jaycee said...

I love you peter david.

With that said, anything that you can actually read from the 90's should be considered legendary, especially david's run of aquaman--extreme makeover or not ("extreme" being the key word) .

Please just keep up the Epic work on x-factor, PAD!

Yeah! That's right, joe. I talked about Marvel on an aquaman website.

Also, Ivan reis is one of the best in the biz. Jim lee? Whos that?

Jason said...

Thats it...Ivan Reis is my new Idol.

THE MOST AWESOME AQUAMAN EVAH!!!! Drawn by my top 1 artist! Could i ask for more?

Allan Arevalo said...

Peter! If your reading this, THANK YOU for writing the best Aquaman EVER!

Geoff Johns? Who's that? :)


Diabolu Frank said...

I was a big PAD fan going into Aquaman after Incredible Hulk and X-Factor, but dropped it sometime in the teens because it just wasn't working for me. I loved Supergirl though, which was an even more radical departure conceptually (though not visually.)