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Monday, July 02, 2012

Who's Who: The Definitive Podcast of the DC Universe, Volume II

sgThe Fire and Water Podcast Presents:

This time around we chat about WHO'S WHO: Volume II, discussing characters such as The Batman Family, Blackhawk, Big Barda, Bat Lash, and many more!
We wrap up the show with Who's Who Listener Feedback!

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Shawn said...

I have a trip to Baltimore tomorrow so I'll listen to that! I can't wait!

- Shawn

Earth 2 Chris said...

Another great podcast guys! Thanks for the shout-out.

A few comments:

First off, Curt Swan and Gil Kane are beyond reproach. Personal taste must be thrown out the window when discussing such legends.

And Murphy Anderson is very suited to super hero work. He did the artwork for the majority of Captain Action packages! The ORIGINAL super hero action figure. C'mon guys!!!

Dave Gibbons on the GA Batman: he not only drew the GA chapter of B&B #200, but the modern age chapters as well! Having proved very adept at drawing in Dick Sprang's classic style, he was THE go-to-guy, as you said. Although Marshall Rogers could have done well with it too!

The Earth-One Batman's entry was the subject of many letters as I recall, due to the small artwork. Fans demanded important characters get two pages, and the first one to receive the honor was Barry Allen.

Another oddity about the Earth-One Batman entry is his first appearance. Detective Comics #327 had long been DC's stock answer for the first appearance of the E1 Batman, but it's clearly not the right one. The E1 Batman had been a member of the Earth-One-only JLA for over 4 years by the time that issue hit the stands. I was happy to see later Who's Who series just went with the character's actual first appearance, and didn't try to make sense of such nebulous things.

As for the Batcave, it's hard to pin down a first appearance. It gradually evolved from some underground caverns leading into a barn into a man-made underground lair and then into the natural cave we all know over the first decade of Batman comics. The classic cavern headquarters first appeared in the 1943 Batman movie serial, although it was called "The Bat's Cave".

Oh, and Kathy Kane's Batwoman existed on both Earth-One and Earth-Two. The E1 Kathy retired and was then murdered, while the E2 Kathy lived to marry and have a family.

Balloon Buster: Not sure if you guys read much Starman, but James Robinson later established that Steve Savage was the son of Brian Savage...Scalphunter! That's bridging your Who's Who!!!

Again, I had great fun listening to this podcast guys, and can't wait till next month! Now go read some Swan/Kane/Anderson comics before you come back!