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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mutts - 7/10/12

To celebrate the 2012 SDCC, Mutts creator Patrick McDonnell is doing superhero-themed strips all week, on Tuesday it was Aquaman's turn! Wee!

(h/t: F.O.A.M.er Rick Duncan)


Joseph Brian Scott said...

He really IS a fanboy; Mr. Miracle referenced in a newspaper comic strip? Now I can honestly say I've seen everything. Very cute.

Anthony said...

He drew a similar series last year, only with all-Marvel heroes, including Mooch as the "Snub-Mariner" (Mooch as Namor, snubbing his dinner). :-p

Richard said...

Thanks so much for mentioning this, Rob. I just added the Mister Miracle strip to the Jack Kirby Museum page on Google+ -- somehow it slipped past me before.

Also, seconding what Joseph Brian Scott said!