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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Maarten Bouw's Aquaman Shrine

F.O.A.M. member Martin Bouw, who first appeared on the Shrine in full Aquaman regalia, sent in these pics of his personal Aqua-Shrine!

Maarten's collection of Aquaman figures runs the gamut, from the hyper-realistic DC Universe line to the grotesque--namely, the "Super-Deformed" Aquaman, seen at left, mouth agape. Not content with officially released merch, Maarten also has some cool custom-made Aquaman clothespins, made by his twin brother (see picture #2). I love how they represent different eras of Arthur's history!

An awesome collection, thanks Maarten!


bribabylk said...

Really impressive! All the Aquamen you can shake a four-finned flounder at! Why is that one on his stomach? Is that significant?

Designer Daddy said...

The one on his stomach is the Flashpoint Aquaman — it's very poorly designed and won't stand up.

This figure is one of the main reasons I started the post on Fisher-Price's website asking them to make an Imaginext Aquaman. The Flashpoint Aquaman (and Wonder Woman) as well as the Aquaman/Manta that are all a part of the Action League line are just not well-made. My son is constantly crying for me to come help him b/c his Aquaman and WW won't stay standing. Very annoying.

David J. Cutler said...

Some poster putty should do the trick, Martin! See a lot of stuff here I wish I had, seeing people's personal shrines is practically my favorite part of this site.

Designer Daddy said...

I was wondering if Maarten's brother ever dressed up as Ocean Master! :) Great collection.

Bob Johns said...

awesome love the clothes pins!

Wings1295 said...

Amazing collection!!!

Anonymous said...

As for the Flashpoint Aquaman, I ended up making Him a base out of sculpty and an extra foot peg I had handing around :) Very nice collection, there are a few there I dont have ^_^ (Runs off to scour the internet)