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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Heroclix Aquaman

Several F.O.A.M.ers sent me news of this new Heroclix figure...Aquaman!

If you click the graphic, you can see the details of the figure and what its play traits are (I may be mis-using that phrase, I don't know anything about the HeroClix figures other than they're really cool to look at!). Click here to see HeroClix's own write-up of the figure, which comes out in September!


Anonymous said...

Awesome! I have to add it to the collection ^_^

Kap-El said...

OMG! This figure is a great piece for a Justice League... Or Aquaman/Atlantis themed team! Look at those stats! He's a steal at 111 points. Looks like I gotta get me hands on one. This rules!