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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Aquaman Metal Sign

Back in June, longtime Fire and Water Podcast listener Randy Caldwell (aka Mister Perturbed on Twitter) stopped by the Ace Kilroy table I was manning at the Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con and introduced himself. It's always great to meet my virtual friends in the flesh, but Randy also had a gift for me: a metal sign he had made at work, featuring this custom-posted shot of an Aquaman action figure, clearly manning the shore line in search of trouble.

I have to admit, I haven't exactly found a use for the metal plate just yet, but it sits on my shelf of Aqua-stuff to my left as I write this, and I dig it. Thanks Randy, and welcome to F.O.A.M.!


Russell said...

Wow, too cool! I wish I had thought to bring an Aquaman figure when we visited Michigan; I could have posed him with all the light houses we saw, just like this! :-)

misterperturbed said...


I didn't expect anything from that. Of course after I gave it to you I discovered we have little metal easels at work. If I don't see you at another comic con this year, I can have it shipped to you. I'll be at Baltimore (both days) and New York on Friday.

Thanks again!!!

misterperturbed said...

I live in Maryland and the Chesapeake Bay in one form or another is usually less than 20 miles away. I always keep an Aquaman action figure in the car and always have a camera with me. I also have a Godzilla in the car for those special landscape photos.