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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Young Justice Volume 3 on DVD Contest Winner!

Well, the votes are in, and here's how our esteemed panels of artists fared in the Young Justice Volume 3 DVD Contest:

Aqualad #1: Andy Begin - 15 votes

Aqualad #2: Russell Burbage
- 19 votes

Aqualad #3: Kieran Foster
- 15 votes

Aqualad #4: Corey Hodgdon
- 104 votes

Aqualad #5: Andrew Kapellusch
- 15 votes

Aqualad #6: Scott Williams
- 12 votes

The winner by a few fathoms is Corey Hodgdon, who harnessed his fanbase via Twitter and Facebook, took the early lead, and never looked back. It did tighten up a bit near the end, but Corey had the cows voting in Chicago, so he is the winner of Young Justice Volume 3 on DVD!

The Shrine sincerely thanks Andy, Russell, Kieran, Corey, Andrew, and Scott for their submissions. We also hereby induct Kieran Foster and Scott Williams into the hallowed halls of F.O.A.M., joining Andy, Russell, Corey, and Andrew!

Thanks to everyone who participated!


Unknown said...

Thanks Rob and the Aquamanshrine crew! I liked Andy's shark background a lot. Russell had the best pose for his Aqualad. Kierans colors were great! Andrew I liked you're composition and design. I liked how Scotts showcased Aqualads gills and his weapons on the back. Everyone did a great job.

Orin's dad said...

well done everyone! what a fun contest! Congratulations Corey!

scottlukaswilliams said...

Thanks for holding the contest! It was fun :)