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Thursday, June 07, 2012

Mego Catalog Display - 1973

This is a detail from Mego's display in the 1973 Toy Fair catalog, advertising their new line of World's Greatest Super-Heroes action figures!

There's something about seeing these extremely rare, extremely expensive items like this, so new and shiny, that almost makes my mouth water (is that weird?). I can only imagine the unrestrained glee that kids must have felt when seeing these beauties on display for the first time (the box at left was a prototype that was never released; instead the Mego WGSH's were sent out in the display seen at right). These Megos would never look as perfect and beautiful as they do here.

If you look closely, you see what the breakdown was in terms of how many figures each character got in each box--out of 24 figures, there were 8 Supermans, 10 Batmans, 4 Robins, and a measly 2 Aquamans! Ouch!

(Image courtesy WorldsGreatestToys.com)


John Sholtz said...

This pic always makes my mouth water. Wish a I could go back in time and pick up a bunch of fresh out of the case Mego's.

r duncan said...

...a measly 2 Aquamans!

Yeah, but no Captain Marvels. :)

Diabolu Frank said...

Those boxes are super spiffy! I like them a lot better than the carded versions I saw as a kid. In fact, I wonder if rapid sell-outs of those "measly two" boxed Aquamen led to overproduction of the carded version that warmed pegs. Why else would they have continued making Aquaman, if he underperformed initially?

TotalToyz said...

*sigh* I remember, as a child, buying these beauties in their little cardboard coffins (pre-blister packaging) at Kiddie World on Kirkwood Highway in Wilmington (there's a Staples there now)...for one buck apiece!!!